Sacha Baron Cohen Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The Borat Actor

Truth be told, Sacha Baron Cohen is arguably the funniest man to have ever walked this earth. Here are a handful of facts that you might not know about him.

5 facts about British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen

Mr. Cohen on set

The world has come to know and love comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for being the funny character who isn’t afraid of sometimes making people a tad bit uncomfortable in the name of making a point. Without further ado, here are five facts everyone needs to know about the insanely famous Brit.

1. Borat is no stranger to harsh criticism and backlash

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Cohen has managed to attract both praise and backlash in equal measure. For instance, the infamous scene in The Brothers Grimsby about two elephants mating didn’t sit well with a fair share of the audience who termed it as too hot for TV. His latest criticism came from Dan Roberts, who described his experience with the Christ’s College alumnus in his most recent TV show dubbed “Who Is America?” as downright malevolent.

2. The Dictator is quite the troublemaker

A day in the life of “Borat”

Because Sacha Cohen has no problem with pushing the envelope a bit too far, the father of three has become a trouble-magnet of sorts. One cringe-worthy incident took place during the shooting of the Borat Movie where he was to sing the national anthem to a pissed rodeo crowd.
The singing was so horrible and irritating that the crowd got furious and booed with some even hurling half-eaten snacks and bottles at the comedian. But despite the hassle and commotion, Cohen just went about doing his thing. As if that wasn’t ballsy enough, the comedian has reportedly been “smuggled” from one county to the next on multiple occasion to avoid arrest.
At one time, the man behind the voice of Julien also managed to stay in character (Borat) the entire time the secret service agents were interrogating him. This (and so much more) goes to show how committed and talented Mr. Cohen is.

3. Mr. Cohen is an award-winning actor and comedian

Sacha doing what Sacha does best 

Throughout his illustrious career, Sacha Baron Cohen has managed to attract a plethora of coveted accolades and nominations alike. The British comedian has so far received awards including the Best Newcomer Award at the 1999 British Comedy Awards. Cohen bagged this rather prestigious award after his plausibly outstanding performance in the classic 11 O’clock Show.
The comedian also has two BAFTA Awards for his iconic performance during his tenure at Da Ali G Show and a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his unsurpassed portrayal of Borat. The comedian also boasts of a long list of enviable nominations through his long and successful career and among them, a nomination for an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screen Play.

4. Mr. Cohen is a family oriented guy

Besides being the scandalously funny and daring on-screen man that we’ve all grown to love and adore – and laugh at most of the time, Sacha also happens to be a dedicated family man. Sacha and Isla Fisher, his beloved wife of 8 years, met at a party in Sydney in 2002 and, as they say, the rest was history.
The two ended up dating for close to 2 years, got engaged in 2004 and finally tied the knot in 2010. The couple has three children out of their union. Besides his beautiful wife and adorable children, Sacha is also the junior of his two, equally famous brothers, Amnon and Erran.

5. Sacha Baron Cohen: Age and net worth

As of 2018, Sacha Baron Cohen has a reported net worth of close to $130 million, which is quite a lot for a guy who makes a living out of his lack of seriousness. The 46-year-old is believed to have built his enviable wealth through years of acting, screenwriting, and directing both TV series and movies.