Ryan Lochte Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Olympic’ Medalist

You must know one of the most successful swimmers in the USA, Ryan Lochte. Here are some facts about him including his net worth and Olympic scandal.


Ryan Lochte: An Olympic medalist

You are probably a fan of Ryan Lochte, just like he is a die-hard fan of Lil Wayne. Lochte is an inspiration to kids who want to achieve medals in swimming. He is a role model to many as well as a challenger. If you are aware of who Ryan Lochte is, you need to know his achievements. Ryan is a competitive swimmer and he has won 12 Olympic medals consisting of six gold medals, three silver, and three bronze. He also holds two records. One is the 200-meter individual medley and the other is the 400-meter individual medley. The swimmer has specialized in backstroke and individual medley. He is also good at freestyle and butterfly swimming. Lochte has won numerous awards including a Swammy Award, World Swimmer of The Year Award, and was named the FINA Swimmer of the Year thrice. Apart from the 12 medals he got from the Olympics, he has also won 78 medals in other major competitions.

He was born in New York

The 33-year-old Ryan Lochte was born in Rochester, New York. His father is known as Steven Lochte, while his mother, who hails from Havana, Cuba, is known as Ileana Ike. He grew up with two elder sisters and two younger brothers. While growing up in his childhood days, the family lived in Bristol, New York. They then moved to Florida where Lochte’s father started to coach him.

Interesting facts about the swimmer

He met his wife during the 2016 Olympics

It had been rumored that Lochte was dating Australian swimmer Blair Evans and it was widely reported by Australian tabloids. In 2012, Lochte’s mother Ileana brought the rumors to a halt after she told US Weekly in 2012 that her son was very busy to be in a relationship. While in Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics, Lochte told the press that he was seeing someone. That particular someone was 2015’s Playboy of the Month, Kayla Rae Reid. Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid got engaged in 2016 and got married on January 2018. They had their first baby in June of 2017, named Caiden Zane Lochte.

Ryan had his show, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

Ryan is the main star in “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” The reality TV show debuted in 2013 and has eight episodes. The last show, “What Would Ryan Lochte Do? On Spring Break?” was watched on May 27, 2013, on E! The TV reality series chronicles the life of Ryan Lochte as he gets ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics, as he creates his fashion line, makes press briefings, spends time with his parents and siblings as well as friends. The show also follows Lochte as he looks for a woman who he can date and make her his wife and have a baby together.

The swimmer competed on Dancing With The Stars

In August 2016, it was announced that Lochte would compete on season 23 of “Dancing with the Stars.” He partnered with Cheryl Burke, a professional dancer and together they became a pair in the competition. Unfortunately, they were eliminated on the eighth week and finished 7th place. Even though he was eliminated, he will never forget how protesters rushed to the stage after he finished his first performance and caused chaos. The situation was neutralized by the security.

His Olympics scandal humiliated him

Before 2012, he had a net worth of $3 million, according to the Richest, but after he signed a 10-year contract with Speedo USA, his income doubled due to the sponsorship. Lochte made a career suicide when he claimed that he and his friends had been robbed, by robbers disguised as police in a gas station. After the investigations were done, the case turned against them after it was discovered that actually Lochte and his friends were drunk, vandalized the gas station, and urinated on the property. The police were called and ordered the swimmer to pay for the damages.

He is a fan of Lil Wayne

Whoever doesn’t love Lil Wayne is listening to bad rap, but Lochte loves Lil Wayne for unexplainable reasons. The swimmer wears Lil Wayne’s brand, Trukfit, mostly when practicing. To make his love for Lil Wayne more evident, he has named his dog Carter after the rapper. Moreover, if you go to his room, you will find some Lil Wayne lyrics from his song, “Gainesville” on the wall close to his bed.

Michael Phelps is his friendly rival

Although Lochte still maintains he and Phelps are friends, the two have been known to be intense rivals battling for dominance during swimming competitions. There was one case where Lochte almost beat Phelps, but Phelps defeated him in less than a second at the summer Olympics. Even though he was beaten, Lochte was inspired to push harder, and he hoped that he would beat Michael someday. He managed to, actually!

His net worth

According to Bankrate, Ryan Lochte has a net worth of $6 million. Most of his net worth is from endorsements that he had received before the Olympics scandal. The scandal rubbed his sponsors the wrong way, and the swimmer lost most of the endorsements including Ralphy Lauren, Speedo USA, and Airweave & Gentle Hair Removal.

Lochte will surely try not to make the same mistake again. Other celebrities can learn from Lochte. A stupid decision can cost your career. He was even slapped with 10-month probation by USA Swimming. Now that he got married this year, let’s hope the year will be good for the swimmer, his wife, and baby.