Ryan Dorsey Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Naya Rivera’s Husband

Ryan Dorsey is the husband of American actress and singer Naya Rivera. Here are the top things you need to know about this handsome stud.

Ryan Dorsey: Biography of the husband of Naya Rivera

Ryan Dorsey was born in West Virginia, just outside of the state capital of Charleston on July 19th, 1983. He is 34 years old. During high school, Ryan was an active and excellent basketball and football player. However, he suffered an injury from playing football that left him unable to play any more sports, including his favorite sport of basketball. Around the same time as this happened, a man named Ron Reedy, who is an industry professional from Hollywood, came back to his home state of West Virginia to care for his sick mother. Ron Reedy took over the theatre program at Riverside High School, where Ryan attended school. He talked Ryan into auditioning for a production of Ayn Rand’s Night of January 16 and from that moment, Ryan became interested in acting. He enrolled in college at Western Carolina University for his freshman year with plans to major in theatre. He dropped out after only a semester though, and moved back home to West Virginia where he and his friends started making their own films. Ron Reedy gave Ryan Dorsey the confidence in his acting ability that he needed to pursue a career in movies and on TV. He eventually moved to New York City and was accepted into an acting conservatory at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Ryan Dorsey is currently married to the actress from the TV Show Glee, Naya Rivera. The couple have one child together who was born in September of 2015.

Above are Ryan Dorsey and wife Naya Rivera. Dorsey has appeared in several movies and tv series and his wife Naya is well known for her role on the TV show Glee.

Ryan Dorsey: Acting Career

Ryan Dorsey may be married to actress Naya Rivera from the TV Show Glee, but it should be noted that he has several movies in which he has been an actor under his belt as well. Here is a list of the movies and tv shows he has appeared in through the years. Both 2016 and 2017 were busy years for actor Ryan Dorsey. In 2017 he appeared in the film Khali the Killer as the character Axel. He also played the parts of Dime Bag on the TV series Ray Donovan, Eddie on the popular TV series Nashville, the character of Patrick on the TV series Colony and the character of Jack Cronin on the TV series Major Crimes. In 2016, Ryan Dorsey had parts in the TV series Pitch as character Tommy Miller, the TV series The Night Shift as character Derrick, and in the hit teen show The Vampire Diaries as characters Marty Hammond and Stefan Salvatore. Ryan also appeared in the same year on the TV show Animal Kingdom as character Tommy and in films such as Blood Father and Prettyface. Ryan’s earlier work includes roles on popular TV shows Shameless, The Mentalist, You’re the Worst, Mob City, Southland and Parks and Recreation.

The photo above was taken from Ryan Dorsey’s Instagram. Ryan looks very handsome with his long wavy hair and perfectly cut jawline. We love his shaved face as well!

Ryan Dorsey: Fun Facts, Net Worth and Instagram Following

Here are some fun and interesting facts that you should know about actor Ryan Dorsey. Ryan Dorsey has a large Instagram following with 47,000 followers. The net worth of Ryan Dorsey alone is estimated to be about two million. His wife, Naya Rivera, is estimated to have a net worth of about five million, together bringing them up to a net worth as a couple of about seven million. Ryan Dorsey wanted to be a professional basketball player before getting into acting. Ryan Dorsey’s first movie debut was in the film Blood Father, a French crime thriller released in 2016. Ryan Dorsey and his wife Naya Rivera were friends for a long time before becoming romantically involved. She was actually engaged to marry another man before getting into a relationship with Ryan. Ryan’s wife Naya was recently arrested for domestic abuse after he called the police on her when she assaulted him. Ryan’s son is named Josey Hollis Dorsey and was born September 17, 2015.

Above are Ryan Dorsey with wife Naya Rivera and son Josey. Naya is wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and Ryan is carring son. The family look like any other normal family walking down the street on a beautifully sunny day.

Ryan Dorsey: In Conclusion

Ryan Dorsey deserves much more credit than as just the husband of Naya Rivera. Although she has had much success from the TV Show Glee, he is also a talented actor on his own right. With his good looks he could be a model as well and there is no doubt that he is an excellent daddy to his baby boy. We look forward to seeing more from the handsome young actor in the future.

Another picture above from Ryan Dorsey’s Instagram, shows him and his son watering the garden. What an adorable daddy he makes to son Josey!