Russell Crowe’s Wife Wiki: Actress, Net Worth, ‘The Crossing’ & Facts About Danielle Spencer

Get to know more about Russell Crowe’s ex-wife, Danielle Spencer who they got divorced recently. Below are facts about her that you need to know.

Danielle Spencer: Russell Crowe’s ex-wife

It was such a great week for Russell Crowe, o to say, after being able to say goodbye to his former wife, Danielle Spencer for good. Their marriage wasn’t working and they split back in 2012. Since then, Crowe and his ex-wife Spencer had been processing divorce and it officially went through around a week ago. Just like Crowe, Spencer had had a prosperous career in the film industry and she is not shy about it. Spencer is not only an actress but also a singer and songwriter. After she divorced Crowe, the actor went to sell some of his things in an event known as divorce auction, which raised for him over $3.7 million. 48-year-old Danielle Spencer was born in Australia to a songwriter, TV entertainer and singer, Don Spencer and Julie who was a caterer from Yorkshire. The actress has a younger brother known as Dean. Russell Crowe’s ex-wife started going for piano lessons when she was four. When she was still a teen, Spencer began composing her own tunes and acting. Until when she turned 12, she spent most of her childhood between Australia and Yorkshire as his father was working in both nations for the BBC “Play School.” The actress is known for her roles in “The Crossing”, “What’s Happening Now!!”, “Pacific Drive”, “What The Moon Saw” and many others which have built her a considerable net worth.

Russell Crowe divorces his wife, Danielle Spencer

The marriage between Russell Crowe and his former wife, Danielle Spencer failed in 2012 and five years later, On Tuesday last week, Crowe took to Twitter to reveal to the world that he had officially separated with the love of his life, Danielle Spencer. The finalization of their divorce came days before the actor sold most of his items in a divorce auction. Most of the items were jewelry, art and movie memorabilia from his movies. The divorce auction went down the on Saturday night, just before the Tuesday they got divorced officially. The event went down on the same date as his birthday and wedding anniversary, meaning that the date was significant to him in a sort of way. A breastplate from Crowe’s blockbuster, ”Gladiator” sold for a whopping $125,000 and a replica Roman chariot was auctioned at $65,000, and painting by Charles Blackman went for $360,000. Crowe and his former wife, Russell have been on and off relationship since they came across one another in “The Crossing” back in 1989 and began dating afterward. The married in 2003 and have brought two souls to this world. Spencer and Crowe have 14-year-old Charles and Tennyson, 11. Since 2016, Spencer has been dating Adam Long while Crowe has been seeing a lot of women including Terri Irwin. Danielle Spencer lives in Te Puke, the former marital home in Sydney suburb known as Rose Bay which according to Sunday Telegraphy, the property was transferred into her name last year in December. Russell lives in an apartment in Woolloomooloo and his Nana Glen farm which is in the north of Sydney. In 2015, Danielle Spencer spoke about their divorce and stated that she wanted things to remain friendly as much as possible and similar to her own parent’s divorce.

Facts to know about Russell Crowe’s ex-wife

She suffers from breast cancer

After divorcing her husband, Crowe’s ex-wife, Spencer has another big challenge. The actress has breast cancer, and she hopes that she will encourage other women to go for screening. But for those who love nostalgia, Spencer remembered her childhood, her famous was “ooh, I’m gonna tell mama” and her fans know that and even say so when they run into her. Spencer is okay with that and even know many people aren’t aware, and she has heard that a lot of times.

Spencer stopped acting to go back to class

Spencer said that she stopped acting so that she could focus on school and promised to return after her career as a veterinarian didn’t work out, and twenty years later, she is happy that she made that decision. Now she advocates for animals, and she wishes that there were more represented on TV. She was very grateful that there was “Animal Planet.” The actress said that she would be happy to be in a reality show that focused on animal care and rights.

The actress has a family history of breast cancer

Spencer comes from a family which has had multiple cases of breast cancer. However, they are very supportive of her and she said that some good stuff have happened to her this year and one of the most significant ones is her induction into the induction into the Smithsonian Museum, the only child star inducted into it. She is now part of the permanent exhibition of the African-American cultural museum that was opened in 2015.

Her net worth

Danielle Spencer has a net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She has made her net worth from “The Crossing”, “What’s Happening Now!!”, “Pacific Drive”, “What The Moon Saw.”

The only thing that Spencer parted it is the love of her husband, but she has her kids to take care of and the home. It’s safe to say the divorce was a win-win for them.