Rooney Mara Wiki: Net Worth, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ And Facts You Need To Know About Joaquin Phoenix’s Girlfriend

Get to know more about actress Rooney Mara who just so happens to b the girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix. Below are facts about her that you should know including her overall net worth.

Rooney Mara: Joaquin Phoenix’s girlfriend

You have probably watched the movie ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,’ and if you haven’t you probably need to put it on the list of films you need to watch. It’s one of the films where actress Patricia Rooney Mara shows off her talent and her ability to perform on the big screen. Mara is an American actor who can sing as well as cheer on her favorite football team louder than the coach. By that, I mean Rooney Mara is a football fan. Mara made her debut just like most actors and actresses, form the bottom to the top, playing supporting roles in several independent films. Mara is not only known for her performance, but also her love for humanity. She has her own charity known as the Uweza Foundation which backs up empowerment programs for families and children in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa located in Nairobi the heart of Kenya. 32-year-old Rooney Mara was born and also grew up in Bedford, New York, a town located in Westchester County around 40 miles to the north of New York City. Mara’s mother’s family are the founders of the Pittsburgh Steelers while her father’s family(The Maras) were the founders of the New York Giants. Rooney Mara’s father, Timothy Mara, is the acting vice president of the New York Giants’ player evaluation while Mara’s Mother, Kathleen McNulty works as a real estate agent on part-time. The girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix, is the third born and the second last in her family. She has three siblings, the eldest being Daniel followed by Kate who is an actress and after Mara, the last born is Conor. Rooney Mara’s paternal ancestors are a mixture of Irish, German and French-Canadian while her mother has Irish and Italian descendants. Mara’s paternal grandfather, Wellington Mara, was the co-owner of the Giants and when he passed on, his position was taken by his uncle, John Mara. Her maternal grandfather, Tim Rooney has been racing at the Yonkers Raceway in New York since 1972. How impressive is it that the girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix is the great-granddaughter of the founders of New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers? It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? We think so. Mara has a granduncle, Dan Rooney who was the chair the Steelers and he was also the United States Ambassador to Ireland. Dan is also the co-founder of The Ireland Funds charitable organization and he also put into place the Rooney Rule. Mara graduated from Fox Lane High School in 2003 before she went to Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia as part of the Travelling School. She traveled throughout South America for four months before attending George Washington University. She studied there for only a year before she transferred to New York University and joined the Gallatin School of Individual Study part of the university. There she studied psychology, and international nonprofits before earning her degree in 2010. Mara didn’t follow family’s business of American Football but instead focused on acting after she was inspired by musical theatre and classic movies. Mara also wanted to be a professional actress like her sister, yet she had resisted that when she was a child because it never looked honorable to her. The girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, has starred in films and TV shows like ‘Tanner Hall,’ ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,’ ‘Carol,’ ‘Lion,’ ‘A Ghost Story,’ and ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.’

Rooney Mara: Her elegant vegan fashion line

Rooney Mara, the girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix, went vegan more than six years ago. In an interview with Vogue, Mara said that finding ethically-made, vegan-friendly clothing and accessories from the moment she decided to go Vegan has not been easy. But Mara is a forward thinker, and she joined hands with her friend Sara Schloat and so she dived into a new venture, to become vegan fashion designers. They launched a fashion line and called it Hiraeth. According to Mara, the name represents a missing connection to where clothes are designed or made. The company is elegant and refined to allow consumers to support the non-animal fashion industry while maintaining style on the other side. The ‘Tanner Hall,’ ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,’ ‘Carol,’ ‘Lion,’ and ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints actress stated that there were not many leather options available for someone like her who wanted high-quality pieces and designs. The actress acknowledged that animals were not the only victims of what is fashion’s dark side. For instance, there are faux leather boots that are cheap, but even though they were cruelty-free when considering animals, Mara didn’t know where they were made from or if they were cruel towards humans. Her purpose was not to compromise on either but still make pieces that would last and so she thought of starting her own fashion line. The plant-powered business founders embarked on creating some practical and fashionable combat boots that every vegan will love. From there, their goal was on an upwards spiral. Hiraeth is not only cruelty-free, but it also stands out from other known brands as the products are mostly leather-free and don’t have any wool, silk, cashmere, suede or any component that normally comes from an animal. The store provides a range of designs including leatherette trousers with a matching harness, Japanese poly satin blouses, an ivory slip dress, raspberry corduroy suit, velvet garments and many more. Hireath’s primary goal is to reduce the excessive waste of resources, animal suffering, and be worn forever.

Rooney Mara was seen hiking with Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is 43 years old, 11 years older than his girlfriend, Rooney Mara. Their home is located in the Hollywood Hills and they were seen hiking in the same hills early February. The two have dated for over a year and their love is still going strong. The two are starring together in the movie ‘Mary Magdalene’ which is scheduled to be released this month. Rooney depicts ‘Mary Magdalene’ and her boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix stars as Jesus Christ. The movie is directed by Garth Davis. Phoenix said that he decided to star in the movie because he was looking for something meaningful and wanted to find some experience from the film. Apart from Joaquin Phoenix and his girlfriend Rooney Mara, the film will also star other actors, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Charles Babalola, Tawfeek Barhom, Zohar Shtrauss, Michael Moshonov, and Tahar Rahim. Each actor plays the role of one of Apostles of Jesus.Theo Theodoridis plays the role of Lazarus and Ryan Corr assumes the role of Joseph. Ryan is just 29 and younger than Phoenix, meaning he is probably playing the role of Joseph of Arimathea, instead of Joseph the father of Christ and the husband of Mary. The movie is going to be released on March 16 in the UK and 14 days later in the US. Mara and Phoenix’s fans can hardly wait to watch the movie and go Biblical a little.

Facts to know about the Joaquin Phoenix’s girlfriend

Charity work is one of her biggest passions

Rooney Mara is an actress who has been nominated for several awards including Oscars and she’s even won some of them, but she doesn’t allow the fame to occupy the back of her head. Even though Mara really loves acting, she also loves to help the less privileged and her biggest passion is giving back and sponsoring programs that are meant to help the poor people in Africa. Phoenix’s girlfriend founded a charity known as faces of Kibera, according to Hollywood Life, and it aims in providing better housing, food and medical care for poor kids and orphans in a slum located in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2011, Faces of Kibera joined hands with Uweza Foundation and Rooney Mara now resides as the board of directors for the foundation.

She had her nipples pierced

Before the trend came closer to the mainstream with even the porn stars doing it, Mara had her nipples pierced for the role of Lisbeth Salander, a Scandinavian noir. It wasn’t a must for her and she could have opted for fake piercing, but since she was fully committed to the role, she decided to do it to get into character. She felt that Salander had it in the book and so she also needed to have it in the movie. Mara began the transformation with no single piercing on her body and she accepted ear, nose, eyebrow and nipple piercing. Later she admitted that it wasn’t painful and it wasn’t something that she would want to get re-pierced.

She regrets taking the role of Tiger Lily in ‘Pan ‘

‘Tanner Hall,’ ‘A Ghost Story,’ ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,’ ‘Carol,’ ‘Lion,’ and ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ actress was harshly criticized for her role as Tiger Lily in Pan, a role that critics thought would have been taken by a Native American. She was accused of ‘whitewashing’ and to share their concerns, activists created a Twitter hashtag #NotYourTigerLily to protest. Rooney Mara then addressed the issue stating that she regretted taking that role and being on the side of whitewashing conversation.

Mara doesn’t watch her own movies

In 2013, Mara told Hamish Bowles that she hated watching her own movies and avoided the experiences unless she had too. However, when forced to watch it by circumstances, Mara watches her movies alone in a public theatre. The reason why she doesn’t like watching her movies is because she always feels that she would have done differently after she sees her performance. The first movie that she watched was ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ in a theatre in Manhattan and she felt that her version wasn’t awesome. While speaking to Vogue still, Mara revealed her plans to get a ticket to view ‘A Ghost Story,’ another movie which she stars in and was to watch it for the first time in a Los Angeles theater.

Her net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rooney Mara has a net worth of $8 million dollars. She has made the net worth from her roles in ‘Tanner Hall,’ ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,’ ‘A Ghost Story,’ ‘Carol,’ ‘Lion,’ and ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.’

To wrap this up!

Rooney Mara is one of the most talented humble stars who came from a wealthy background but never chose to show it. Despite the criticism she faces, she always manages to come out strong, and she usually has a dilemma when the Steelers are playing the Giants.