Robert Mueller’s Wife: Facts About Ann Cabell Standish

What you should know about Robert Mueller’s wife

Everyone has heard of Robert Mueller, but little is known about his wife. Her name is Ann Cabell Standish and today you’ll get to know this strong woman and learn just what makes her tick.

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The Wife of Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller and his wife Ann Cabell Standish met as teenagers at the tender age of 17. After their introduction, Robert Mueller and wife Ann Cabell Standish were married and began their lives together. However, prior to their marriage, Ann Cabell Standish has a life filled with service. Ann Cabell Standish worked as a special-education teacher for children with learning disabilities. While her husband was busy tackling Capitol Hill, Ann Cabell Standish was honoring her choice of helping those less fortunate than others. Ann Cabell Standish is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. Ann Cabell Standish and Robert Mueller later went on to have two children and between them share three grandchildren.
Robert Mueller and wife Ann Cabell Standish faced difficulties when one of their children was born with Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the spine doesn’t completely close but this had no effect on the lives they’ve shared with the public. If anything, it allowed Mueller and Cabell Standish to enhance the safety of Americans and build a strong educational system for disabled children. Ann Cabell Standish is a woman of mystery and shares no part of her private life with the public including photos.

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Robert Mueller & Trump Administration

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Though Robert Mueller has held a complete life in politics, his career had never received such public display until President Trump took over as President of the United States. To begin, Robert Mueller had a career that began in the military and later as a lawyer. He graduated from New York University with a M.A. in International Relations and a Juris Doctor degree from University of Virginia School of Law. Robert Mueller spent five years in the military to later serve 12 years in the U.S. Attorney office.
In July 2001, President George W. Bush elected Robert Mueller as the FBI director where he served for 12 years until being replaced by James Comey. After his political career came to an end, Robert Mueller went on to serve a year as consulting professor at Standford University with a focus on cybersecurity. Most recently in May 2017, Robert Mueller returned to Capitol Hill to serve as special counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice. Robert Mueller’s participation in the investigation between Russia and the Trump campaign is what made him a famous celebrity on Capitol Hill.
As expected, Robert Mueller demonstrated his capacity for the job and has been successful at the investigation and bringing of conviction as seen necessary. With the investigation, the overall net worth of the government’s trustworthiness was at stake and Robert Mueller has done a respectable job and keeping the sacredness of the country pure.

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Ann Cabell Standish Trivia

(I) Ann Cabell Standish met husband Robert Mueller at a high school party. (II) Robert Mueller has been married to his wife for over five decades. (III) Ann Cabell Standish and Robert Mueller share two children, daughters; Cynthia and Melissa Mueller. (IV) Ann Cabell Standish is known as the “Republican Mother” of the party. (V) Ann Cabell Standish and Robert Mueller have three grandchildren.

Mrs. Ann Mueller Woman of Mystery

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Ann Cabell Standish has held a private life when it comes to social media. With the popularity that her husband has had over the past year, Ann Cabell Standish continues to live a life of privacy and respect among her peers. Ann Cabell Standish has no social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. There are no photos of her around that could jeopardize her career or the career of her husband.
Overall, Ann Cabell Standish shows that one can have a powerful husband and continue to work in the sector of one’s passion. With her focus on children with learning disabilities, Ann Cabell Standish uses the old fashion face-to-face form of communication and leaves platforms like Instagram and Twitter to the Trump administration. The family also continues to keep private affairs such as their financial net worth and family events confidential. Many could learn lessons from the lives of Robert Mueller and wife Ann Cabell Standish.

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