Ricky Berwick Wiki, Net Worth, Cats, Disability, Memes, YouTube, Girlfriend

Ricky Berwick

Ricky Berwick is a social media star and is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. He has gained fame quickly and has a huge fan following on his social media accounts.

Ricky Berwick’s wiki and childhood

Ricky Berwick was born 23rd day of April 1992 in Canada. The names of her parents are Barbara and Devon Berwick. Ricky has not divulged information related to his family since he believes that those elements of his life are personal and private. He also is not fond of interviews and avoids them.

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There is no news related to his school and college education as well.

Ricky and the kickstart of his career online

Ricky started his self-titled YouTube channel on 9 May 2007. His posts mainly are of the comical type and greatly appreciated by his fans. By the start of the year 2018, Ricky already had garnered more than 122 million views to his videos. His videos are entertaining and most of them are less than 30 seconds long.

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He also began a Twitter handle on which he posts his videos and other stuff for his fans. He has a fan following of 200k on it. There are many videos and pictures on it. His description of himself on this handle is

“your not so normal video entertainer… AND your god.”

Ricky’s social media

Ricky Berwick is also fond of Instagram and holds an account of his own on it. He has around 384k followers on it.

He also has a Facebook account with over a million fans. On this account, Ricky not only posts his videos but also promotes his merchandise. He is mostly known for sticking out his tongue on it. Besides this, he has a number of memes which he displays in his hilarious videos.

Also, his Twitter has more than 220k followers and YouTube channel has above 1.3 million subscribers!

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Ricky and his cats and other business ventures

Ricky has a number of cats as pets and they seem to be his best friends since he is often with them.

Ricky has also become an entrepreneur. He sells his merchandise on Fanfiber. His goodies include Ricky T-Shirt, Ricky Berwick T-Shirt, Ricky Tongue T-Shirt, and Your God T-Shirt. Other goodies include Ricky Hoodie, Ricky Berwick Hoodie, Ricky Tongue Hoodie, and Your God Hoodie. He earns a decent sum of money through his net worth remains unknown. His favorite superhero he had once claimed is Spiderman.

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Ricky’s disability

Ricky has a medical genetic handicapping condition due to which he is forced to use a motorized wheelchair. He has the Beals-Hecht syndrome. His muscles have contracted and he had long toes and fingers. It is also called as Contractural arachnodactyly. It is due to a defect in fibrillin. There are also external ear deformities in it and the condition is congenital.

Ricky’s relationship and girlfriend

Ricky is not in a relationship. He does posts related to his girlfriend on his social media accounts. He had posted on his Facebook that he wants a girlfriend.


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