Elizabeth Huberdeau

What were the reasons of the death of love in Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena’s relationship? Learn about Elizabeth Huberdeau’s divorce, children, career, and relationships!

Elizabeth Huberdeau is the first but ex-wife of the WWE wrestler named John Cena. They have now divorced but it cannot be denied that they did share some great moments together when they were in love and great love was still alive and not dead!

Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena know each other from high school. According to the Bleacher Report, Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena were high school sweethearts. Elizabeth has never been in WWE and was not famous. She got fame due to her ex-husband.

John Cena was a student of two schools both of which were co-ed schools; Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and then Cushing Academy, a boarding school in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.  It is not known in which of these schools Elizabeth Huberdeau studied and met John Cena.

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The announcement of the marriage of John Cena came when he was fully into promoting his 2009 film called 12 Rounds. During the promotion, John Cena had dropped the great news saying:

“I’m gonna get married this year.”

The wedding took place on 11 July 2009. The couple seemed happy after the wedding day and had enjoyed lovely time together. They did not have any kids. In May 2012, the couple filed for divorce which was finalized in July 2012; exactly three years after their marriage. TMZ had revealed that Elizabeth was unaware that John Cena is going to give her a divorce. She was totally blindsided by it.

John Cena later had disclosed that his loss at the WrestleMania at the hands of The Rock had put him into a dark place and led to him filing for divorce from his first wife. He had said:

“That match sent my life into a tailspin, both professionally and personally, because I could not get over my obsession with the fact that I had failed,”

Elizabeth had also mentioned in June 2012 when the divorce proceedings were still on that she had felt that John was cheating on her. She and her lawyer were searching for concrete proofs for it. It was thought that the fight would turn ugly but soon things were sorted out well. Elizabeth had told TMZ:

“All matters have been settled and resolved amicably,”

It was also said that the couple had some tussle over their house remodeling.

More about Elizabeth Huberdeau

It has been said that Elizabeth Huberdeau was also a former model and had done some modeling assignments before her marriage. She had earned a decent amount due to it. Besides, Elizabeth Huberdeau also worked as a real estate broker and was earning some money from this agency as well. Her exact net worth is not known but it seems to be enough to lead a decent and luxurious life.

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Elizabeth and John post divorce

Elizabeth Huberdeau has remained single after her divorce and has not been dating or found any new boyfriend or relationship. John Cena, on the other hand, has moved on. He has started dating his co-wrestler Nikki Bella and after the Wrestlemania 33, he had gone down on one knee and proposed to her. Nikki and John are engaged and would be married soon though the exact wedding plans are unknown.

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