Reagan Charleston, age, ex-husband, children, career

Reagan Charleston

Reagan Charleston was married to Jeff Charleston for 6 years before the couple decided to go separate ways.

Reagan Charleston-Talking on the separation

In spite of the split, the couple continues to be friends. Reagan said:

“It’s rare if we go even several hours without talking to one another.”

She added:

“We ground each other. We have found balance that was impossible to find before because we were so overwhelmed with each other.”

Source: Bravo TV (Reagan Charleston and Jeff)

She also said:

“Jeff is my best friend.”

Sounds complicated!

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Reagan and her relationships-boyfriend, marriage, children

It was the year 2009 when Reagan, 31 and Jeff Charleston had met during a Monday Night Football after-party. Jeff used to play as a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints. Their first date was at a Hornets/Pelicans game and dinner at a restaurant in the French Quarter.

Source: NOLA (Reagan Charleston and Jeff)

They married three years later in 2012. They lived in their picturesque home in Covington, Louisiana with their bunch of adorable canines.

They have no children and now the separation.

Reagan and her family and childhood

Reagan’s exact date of birth is not known but her current age is said to be 31 years. She was born and raised in New Orleans and her surname comes from a beautiful city in South Carolina. She comes from a renowned family.

Her ancestors were part of the city’s culture. Her family is credited with the creation of the famous cocktail, the Sazerac, the official drink of Louisiana. Her family owns the world famous Coghlan Art Gallery in the French Quarter. Her grandparents and mother were copper sculpture artists.

Source: Bravo TV (Reagan Charleston)

She belongs to the Creole culture and recalling those days, she said:

“I got to see, firsthand, unique and diverse people that make up the art scene in New Orleans. That was something that I didn’t appreciate until I was adult. It was work. When you grow up in a family business, whether it’s art or law or otherwise, it’s work at the end of the day and, as a kid, I didn’t realize how cool it was that my babysitters were sculptors from around the world, who were coming in to shadow my grandparents.”

Reagan and her career

Reagan is a jewelry designer. She has also graduated from law school and would soon be starting her practice. Reagan said in April 2018 just a few months before her graduation:

“I wear many hats. I’m in my third year of law school. I’m graduating, I walk in May. I have loved law school, every second of it. I’m also a jewelry designer, I’m an artist. So, those things are, you think, polar opposites. But I think I’ve excelled in school because I’ve learned how to utilize that creative side of my brain that I’ve used for so many years with my jewelry business.”

Source: ET (Reagan Charleston)

Reagan and her husband Jeff who is now her ex-were also part of the reality show called Southern Charm: New Orleans. Their life details, intricacies, and fictions, and challenges were shown on the show. Reagan’s life with her friends was also part of it. She had said before appearing on the show:

“I think that my group of friends, we’re just so much fun. We have exciting, diverse lives. Very different. We’re into so many different things, all of us … We just come from so many different backgrounds, and we’re constantly involved in so many different things that you wouldn’t necessarily expect that, why not reality TV?”

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Reagan Charleston as a businesswoman

She opened her very own jewelry store called Reagan Charleston Jewelry, in Canal Place in New Orleans in October 2018. She wrote on Instagram:

“Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family who came out to support this milestone occasion!! This is a dream come true. I am so in love with my little jewel box!! My cup runneth over!”