Ray Lewis Wiki: Football Linebacker, Net Worth, NFL & Facts To Know

Get to know more about the former football linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis and facts about him inclusive of his net worth.

Who is Ray Lewis?

It is every footballer’s dream to be inducted on Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s one of the ways footballers feel recognized. One of the latest footballers to get inducted is Ray Lewis. The retired football linebacker formerly played for the NFL team, Baltimore Ravens. Lewis played professionally for 17 years and was popular for his stats and his choice of helmet. Before Lewis joined the NFL, and Baltimore Ravens, he used to play college football as the football linebacker of University of Miami. Lewis earned All-America honors and due to the recognition, Lewis was drafted by Baltimore Ravens in the 1996 NFL Draft and he made most of his net worth playing for the team. 42-year-old football linebacker, Ray Lewis, was born in Bartow, Florida. Lewis also has a younger brother known as Keon Lattimore, who used to be a running back for the University of Maryland. Apart from being a football linebacker, Lewis was also a wrestler at Kathleen High School in Lakeland. His father was absent in most of Lewis’s life which was a regular thing in their generation. Regardless of his father’s absence, Lewis was a successful high school wrestler before the school incarcerated him for drug-related offenses.

Making it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Ray Lewis, the former football linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens, was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2018’s Class by the board of selectors of the Hall on Saturday. Lewis will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Ohio on August 4. The reason why Lewis was recognized by Hall of Fame was that he is one of the best players to play in the center of an NFL defense. It was only four linebackers that were elected before Lewis on the first ballot. Lewis was lighter and faster than most football linebackers when he entered the NFL, and he redefined the position by how he was dominant on the offensive side by running sideline to sideline. His height was also an advantage. Teams had to abandon the run game because of Lewis’s relentless pursuit. Lewis also took a less popular team and made it a perennial championship contender. The football linebacker has won the Super Bowl twice and the Super Bowl MVP once in 2000. Lewis is also the only player in the history of NFL to have more than 40 sacks and 30 interceptions in his career. After Lewis received the news that he had been elected, Lewis didn’t hesitate to appreciate the recognition. Lewis said that he was proud to be recognized with the likes of Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary. He will grow his net worth faster after he is inducted officially.

Facts about the football linebacker

Ray Lewis is not a murderer

There was an incident that happened in 2000 and Lewis was involved. There was a confrontation in Atlanta streets after the Super Bowl Party in 2000. The confrontation resulted in a fight, and two men died. Fingers started pointing at Lewis, but he wasn’t the guilty one but his companions. Lewis didn’t play any part in the fight, not for a noble or moral season but to protect his NFL career. Lewis was concerned that the conflict would hurt his job and throughout the process, Lewis seemed to protect his NFL superstar status. It is believed that Lewis and his friends agreed that they wouldn’t say anything and lied to the police the next morning. However, Lewis flipped on his buddies so that he wouldn’t be scrutinized.

Lewis pledged he wouldn’t abandon his son

In 2002 Lewis was covered in Washington Post feature where he stated that he wouldn’t abandon his child Ray Lewis III. Lewis stated that he had seen his mother struggle while growing up because his father was not around. He wanted to be a different father for his son Lewis III and not turn to be like his father. The piece was written when Lewis was linked to murder beef that happened in 2002. When Lewis III was born, Lewis forewent his final year at his university and joined the NFL. The football linebacker met Tayana McCall at the University of Miami. McCall graduated from the university as well as the University of Phoenix, and she works as an adjunct professor at her former college, the University of Phoenix and also owns a management consultancy business.

He accepted to testify against his friends

Lewis started the trial at the table alongside his friends Oakley and Sweeting. Later on, he pleaded down to justice obstruction in exchange for testimony. Lewis flipped on his friends and became the state’s star witness. Sources revealed that afterward, the three men were no longer friends because of Lewis’s alleged betrayal. Ironically, it was only Lewis who served a sentence. Had he not flipped against his friends, he would have walked away with his acquitted friends.

His son is following his footsteps

In January 2015, Lewis III moved from University of Miami to Carolina Coastal University to play as the cornerback for the school’s team. When Lewis III was at the University of Miami, he used to play as a running back and turned to be a cornerback. Lewis III is also an aspiring rapper and he even has an active Soundcloud account. He calls himself ‘RL3,’ and he describes himself as a recording artist and songwriter.

His net worth

Ray Lewis has a net worth of $45 million. He has made most of his net worth from his $7 million annual salaries.

Lewis is undoubtedly a legend. His stats are unforgettable, and his helmet is one of the iconic things on NFL. He worked hard to maintain his career, watched it grow and he achieved much. Women admire his height.