Rande Gerber Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Cindy Crawford’s Husband

You are perhaps inspired by Rande Gerber. He is the husband of Cindy Crawford and an entrepreneur. Here are some facts about him.

Rande Gerber: A nightlife entrepreneur

You certainly know Rande Gerber, a very successful businessman connected to the entertainment industry and also a former model. Gerber is the husband of Cindy Crawford. Crawford is an actress and just like her husband’s past profession, she’s also a model. Gerber is definitely a role model to many. He is the founder of nightlife companies which are Midnight Oil and the Gerber Group. He also launched Gerber Spirits in 2014 and marketed it on Instagram. Gerber is a self-made entrepreneur and has established himself in the bar and nightlife industry. He actually owns a couple of restaurants, bars, and lounges all over the world. Gerber’s parents are all Jewish. His father is known as Jordan Gerber while his mother is called Ellen Peckman. Gerber’s company, Gerber Group, opened its first bar called The Whiskey in New York City’s Paramount Hotel 26 years ago. Gerber partnered with George Clooney in 2013 and launched Casamigos Tequila and then sold the company to Diageo. Crawford’s husband made it in life just like that, and you wouldn’t want to imagine the money he got from the deal.

Interesting facts about Crawford’s husband

Gerber,George created Casamigos accidentally

You are perhaps a fan of Casamigos, and you are sitting somewhere reading this and wondering, how would it be a mistake? I know it’s hard to believe, but everybody builds something from trying. Right? Well, Gerber, Crawford’s husband, and George were in Mexico, and they were not impressed by the local tequila choices. Gerber explained that he and George were going to bars and restaurants and bartenders were recommending some drinks for them. Some of the drinks were just good, some not very good, while others were so expensive. Then George asked Gerber if they could create a perfect tequila that would impress them. Then there was Casamigos.

Gerber met Cindy Crawford in a wedding

Gerber is a person of high status and attends almost all the celebrity weddings. It’s in one of those weddings that he met his wife, Cindy Crawford. At the time, Crawford had a husband called Richard Gere. Gere didn’t want to attend the wedding, so he gave Crawford to get another man without his knowledge. Gerber was also dating at the time. It was the best time for both Crawford and Gerber to know one another, and from that point they became friends. After Crawford broke up with her ex-husband Gere, she started dating Gerber.

Gerber’s wife was named the highest paid model

Gerber’s wife, Crawford, was named by Forbes as the highest paid model in the world in the year 1995. She is currently among the highest paid models and an ambassador of some popular cloth lines. Just like Gerber is adored for his tequila, Crawford is popular for her trademark mole that lies above her lip. The unique feature has helped her walk the ramp in high-profile shows and even appear on covers of hundreds of magazines. The more photo-shoots she got, the more she got paid.

Gerber and Crawford first became great friends

According to Crawford, becoming friends first helps to strengthen a relationship. Before Gerber and Crawford got into something serious, they started off as just friends, to great friends before they became best friends. That was to help their relationship take off perfectly. Today, they converse like friends do, talking about parenting, opinions and even each other’s work. Crawford stated in another interview that it was essential to maintain the friendship. She said it helped her and Gerber feel young and elevated.

Lucky to marry Crawford

There is probably no luckier guy than Rande Gerber. He is a millionaire and almost becoming a billionaire. That’s not even the main point. Gerber is married to one of the world’s sexiest models for nearly 20 years now and even has kids with her. Gerber and Crawford have two kids, Presley and Kaia who are 17 and 15 respectively. Cindy Crawford enjoys drinking Gerber’s tequila every while and then, and so are her girlfriends. Gerber’s kids are still young to try their father’s brand, and probably they haven’t tasted it yet, at least not before the camera. The couple posts their pictures on Instagram frequently.

Gerber’s company set up a different lounge in 2003

The Midnight Oil company, which is an organization owned by Rande Gerber, developed a 5,500 square foot lounge in the AOL Time Warner Center and was launched in the fall of 2003 at the Columbus Circle. The lounge was the first of Gerber’s investments to feature different lightings, furnishing, and music. The lounge is considered more sophisticated, elegant and still maintains the same feeling like the rest of Gerber’s lounges and bars.

Gerber’s Casamigos has a distinct taste

In most cases, tequila would be good in the evening and then bomb you in the morning. That’s not the case with Gerber’s brand. Gerber and George made sure they made a drink that wouldn’t live the drinker with regrets the next morning. They also made sure it was super smooth and had the right flavor. As a result, the tequila is one of the most enjoyed beverages all over the world.

His net worth

Rande Gerber has a net worth of $300 million. Most of her net worth is from her nightlife business. His wife has a net worth of $100 million. Crawford’s husband probably has a bigger net worth after he sold his brand.

It’s a new year and people will still go drinking. Gerber’s has another year of profits, and before anyone knows, the businessman might become a billionaire very soon. By the way, you should try Casamigos is you haven’t.