Rachel Appleton Wiki: Actress, Net Worth, ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ & Facts To Know

Rachel Appleton is the daughter of Natalie Appleton. The actress featured in the movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Read about her net worth and other facts.

Who is Rachel Appleton?

Rachel Appleton was born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on the 19th of May 1992 to famous mother Natalie Appleton and Carl Robinson. Her father, Carl Robinson was The Dream Boys stripper. She was later relocated and brought up in London, England by her mother where she now lives with her mother, Natalie Appleton, and stepfather, Liam Howlett. She now uses her father’s name and is called Rachel Howlett. As a very intellectual child, Rachel attended The Royal School in Hampstead which is a north London prep-school. She also enjoys playing the guitar. Rachel had decided quite early in her life that she would like to follow her mother and aunt, Nicole Appleton (also ex-All Saints star), and uncle, Liam Gallagher, into the world of show business. Rachel is the daughter of Natalie Appleton who is the singer in UK based band- All Saints, and Carl Robinson. Rachel Howlett is the niece of Nicole Appleton, Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher. She is the cousin of ‘Gene Appleton Gallagher’. She is the older stepsister of Ace Billy Howlett and stepdaughter of Liam Howlett. Rachel’s mum Natalie Appleton is a renowned celebrity in many countries since her time in the multi-million selling girl-band – All Saints. Natalie has acclaimed quite a lot of fame for her fashion sense, and her long list of “celebrity boyfriends.” Her famous boyfriends have been Jamie Theakston and Jonny Lee Miller. Natalie’s sister Nicole (also an ex-All Saint) has been in a relationship with Robbie Williams, Gavin Rossdale, Travis Fimmel, and currently engaged to Liam Gallagher from Oasis. Natalie and her little sister Nicole have always been close to each other since they were children, and share a very special bond, there is only 2 years between them! They are now a duo who are known as Appleton, and have rendered many successful chart hits. Rachel is Natalie’s only child, and since her birth Rachel has been the top priority in her life and the single most influential and important factor in Natalie’s life. Natalie and Rachel’s bond was made strong when Natalie was struggling as a single mother with a demanding daughter. Rachel does not have a close relationship with her biological father. Rachel’s biological father used to physically abuse Natalie all through their relationship, and Carl had also once sold untrue stories and pictures to a newspaper in order to make himself some money deceitfully. Rachel does not share any contact with her father at all, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way. However, Rachel got a father figure in her life in the form of Liam Howlett. Natalie and Liam are married and the three of them appear to be a very close family unit.

Net worth of the actress

The net worth of Rachel Appleton is currently unavailable. The net worth of her mother, Natalie Appleton is estimated to be around $15 million.

Rachel Appleton (now Howlett) might be accessing her Instagram account with a private name. Although we do not have access to her personal photos right now, photos from her movies like Tomb Raider are available on Instagram.

A brief about Natalie Appleton

Natalie Jane Appleton Howlett was born on 14th May 1973 in Mississauga, Ontario. She is a famous Canadian singer-songwriter and actress, who was a member of the all girls group-All Saints. Appleton had joined All Saints band in 1996, thereby becoming the fourth and final member of the group, but five years later they split up due to some issues amongst themselves. She went on to create a duo with her younger sister Nicole Appleton under the name Appleton. But after that, she has reunited to release two more albums with All Saints, in 2006 and 2016. Nicole and Natalie also have two older sisters, Lori and Lee. Natalie was born in Mississauga, Ontario, to her British mother Mary and Canadian father, Kenbut. But she was raised in Toronto, New York City, and London. She studied at the high school in Ellenville, New York, and eventually dropped out of school to sing at a Borscht Belt country club at age 15. In 1990, she relocated to Camden, England, where she met Carl Robinson who was a stripper with The Dreamboys. She methim when seeing them perform on a night out in London when she was just 17. On 19 May 1992, their daughter Rachel Appleton (now Rachel Howlett) was born. She and Robinson moved to New York where they married in 1993, but their marriage never lasted long. Appleton returned to England in end of 1993 after having the marriage annulled. She had relationships with many famous people after that. She had a relationship woth television presenter Jamie Theakston and then with actor Jonny Lee Miller during the late 1990s. Appleton got into a relationship with Liam Howlett of the proclaimed electronic band, The Prodigy in 2000, after they met at the V Festival. They eventually married on 7th June 2002 in a ceremony in France. In addition to Appleton’s daughter from her first marriage, the couple have a son, Ace Billy Howlett, born on 2nd March 2004.