Rachael Taylor Boyfriend Wiki: Director, Photographer & Facts About Mike Piscitelli

Rachael Taylor is currently hooked to Mike Piscitelli. He is a director and a photographer. Read more about her boyfriend.

Rachael Taylor – The Australian Beauty

Rachael May Taylor was born on 11th July, 1984. She is a famous Australian actress and model who has established herself in the Hollywood industry with her acing and modeling assignments. Before venturing out in Hollywood, she has done some credible work in Australia. Taylor bagged her first leading role in the Australian series ‘HeadLand’ aired from 2005 to 2006. She then made the transition her Hollywood, acting in films including Man-Thing (2005), See No Evil (2006), Transformers (2007), Bottle Shock (2008), Cedar Boys (2009), Splinterheads (2009), Shutter (2008), Red Dog (2011) and Any Questions for Ben? (2012). She has also played the part of Dr. Lucy Fields on Grey’s Anatomy (2011), as the main character on the ABC show, 666 Park Avenue (2012–2013), and in the NBC action/thriller series Crisis (2014). She gained name and fame with her work in television and films in Hollywood. She currently appears as Trish Walker in the Netflix exclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming television shows, ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Defenders’.

Her boyfriend Mike Piscitelli

Rachael Taylor has been her boyfriend Mike Piscitelli for quite some time now. Piscitelli was born in Tarzana, California. He is a filmmaker, photographer and co-founder of ‘Fucking Awesome’. He moved to New York at the age of 18 to pursue a career in photography. He now calls Venice Beach his home. Piscitelli revealed in an interview that he dropped out of school in the 9th grade and ended up working in the porn industry, behind the scenes. While there, he learnt a lot of equipment, fancy lighting and cameras. He used to help the photographers and the camera men. From there, he got a job under one of the photographers and from there he pursued his dream. Piscitelli has also directed music videos. He has also acted in some movies. Piscitelli has his personal Website- www.mikepiscitelli.com. He show cases most of his works in here. The actor has got an excellent talent in photography. Mike Piscitelli has directed the film, ‘God Bless Ozzy Osbourne’. Released in 2011, ‘God Bless Ozzy Osbourne’ is a documentary chronicling the life of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, including his time as lead singer of Black Sabbath, his solo career and his struggles with substance abuse. The film is said to be the first of its kind documentary film, which manages to take the viewers inside the mind of the rock star, his troubled youth, early career and the impact of fame and addictions on his family life.

What does Rachael have to say about him?

‘I am very lucky to have him’, Rachael Taylor clearly is head over heels in love with the actor. She gushes about her beau Mike Piscitelli and also revealed that she wants to raise her future children in Australia. The two kept their romance a secret for quite a long period of time. For the first two years none every spotted them together to get any ideas about their ongoing chemistry. Apparently, they wanted to check their compatibility first before announcing their relationship publicly. After three years of togetherness, Rachael Taylor has finally spoken about her boyfriend and also the possibility of tying the knot with him. She revealed in an interview last year that she found herself a ‘good fella’ finally. I am very, very lucky to have [him] in my life,’ the Australian actress said. ‘There are so many good things happening at the moment…I have good relationships, I have good friends, I have a good fella,’ she said. “I don’t think about kids yet, it feels like a fun idea and I would really like to live in Australia when I have them to be close to family.” She revealed these intimate details about her affair seven months after she was spotted wearing a large diamond ring on her wedding finger. ‘It’s one of the things I’m most proud of, my relationship with him,’ she revealed. She also hinted that they might have got engaged, she added, ‘This is the best time of my life at the moment. ‘This is the most comfy I’ve felt in my skin, and the happiest I’ve been. I’d love to experience being a mother.’

Wedding Bells

Now the couple has been together for four years and the two were recently spotted taking a stroll in Los Angeles. She was still wearing her ring and fans are currently waiting for them to officially announce their wedding bells. It’s time they take their relationship to the next level now!. The two appeared deep in love, stopping to kiss each other occasionally. Rachael Taylor was initially caught up in an abusive relationship with her then-fiance Matthew Newton in 2010. She had even lodged a case against him. The same year, she ended her relationship with him after being with him for two years.

Net worth

Mike Piscitelli has made a handsome net worth for himself with his photography and directorial work. His current net worth is estimated to be around $14 million dollars.