Prince Harry Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Meghan Markle & Facts To Know

Prince Harry is again in the news because of his upcoming marriage to Meghan Markle. Let’s find out more about the age and net worth of Prince Harry.

Henry Charles Albert David, aka The Beloved Prince Harry

The British Royal Family has always been an interesting topic for people all over the world. Everything related to British Royal Family evokes the curiosity of people. These days, Prince Harry is gaining the attention of people. They want to know more about, or even everything, about the young prince. Everyone loves and knows Prince Harry for his sense of humour and ginger looks. He is the fourth in line for the British throne. His Royal Highness Harry was listed as one of the hottest and most eligible bachelors of the world before he got engaged to Meghan Markle. Let’s get to know more about Prince Harry, like what his age is, before talking about his net worth and marriage.

The Early Life Of Prince Harry

The beloved Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984. He is the youngest son of Princess Diana and Charles Prince of Wales. His full name is Henry Charles Albert David. The youngest prince also followed the family’s tradition of studying in independent schools. He started his studies in Jane Mynors’ nursery school and pre-preparatory from Wetherby school. These both schools are situated in London. After that, he attended Ludgrove School. Prince Harry then attended Eton college after qualifying through an entrance exam. Prince Harry is excellent at sports; he plays particularly well in rugby union and polo. On May 8, 2005, Prince Harry joined the Royal Military academy in Sandhurst. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 for more than ten weeks. He was stationed in Helmand. However, Prince Harry was pulled out when an Australian magazine published an article revealing his presence in Afghanistan. Again in 2012 to 2013, he was deployed to Afghanistan with the Army Air Corps. In June 2015 Prince Harry left the army.

Prince Harry’s age, net worth, and fiancee Meghan Markle

Prince Harry, whose official title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, served in the military from 2005 until 2015 has an estimated net worth of £34 million at the age of 33. His net worth is evaluated based on his rumored inheritance, investment, and income. He recently made news after attending the Christmas Launch with Meghan Markle. The Prince and Meghan Markle have been dating each other since July 2016. They confirmed their relationship through a statement in November 2016. Recently, they announced their engagement officially and will be getting married on May 19, 2018. Meghan Markle is a well-known American actress. She is best known for her role of the sassy Rachel Zane from Suits. She has been playing this role since 2011. Some of her film credits include Horrible Bosses and Remember Me. The 36-year-old American actress has an estimated net worth of $7 million, which is equivalent to £5 million. People around the world are anticipating the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since they appeared together at Christmas Launch and announced their wedding date. Even though Meghan Markle has a significantly smaller net worth than Prince Harry, she still has a healthy bank balance. That states that this is not a Royal and commoner wedding.

Some surprising facts about Prince Harry

People are well aware of Prince Harry. However, there are a few surprising facts about him that not many people are aware of. Some of these facts are – • His mother, the late Princess Diana, used to call him “My little Spencer”. She named him so because of his red hair that he inherited from Princess Diana’s family. • Between Harry and William, Prince William was the naughty one when they were young. Prince William overshadowed and bossed around the little Harry. • Prince Harry had a lop-eared rabbit at Highgrove, one of the country estates owned by the British Royal Family. Harry also loves sheeps and spends a lot of time giving them hay, filling water buckets, and picking up lambs. • At the age of four, Prince Harry started learning to ride on a Shetland Pony. He loves riding horses, and this is why his polo prowess started very early. • When Harry entered Jane Mynors nursery school at the age of three, it wasn’t easy for him to mix with other children. He was even bullied by other kids. • After playing a goblin in a Christmas play, Harry found his way into toddler society. He also got a role of the shepherd with some dialogue the next year. • In 1992, when Harry went to Ladgrove boarding school, he was just seven years old. • Harry spent an extra year at Ladgrove. Because he was born in September his family wanted him to enter Eton at the age of 14, instead of entering it at the age of 13. • When Harry accompanied his father to South Africa and Botswana, he fell in love with Africa. There he met Nelson Mandela, as well as the Spice Girls. • Zulu is one of Prince Harry’sfavorite films. The 1964 film is based on a battle fought in the Anglo-Zulu war in 1879 in Southern Africa.

Some fun facts about Prince Harry

• Prince Harry is known as a wild child. Harry is one of the most talked about Royals; there was a time when he was in the news very often. However, recently he has quieted down. • Prince Harry has a fake Facebook account named “Spike Wells”. He operated this account until 2012. He shut it down after his advisers asked him to do so because a partly-naked photo leaked and created a stir. • Prince Harry likes ice cream. He likes ice cream so much that he runs after ice cream trucks like a child. • Like his father Charles Prince of Wales, Prince Harry also has a passion for Botany. Prince Harry enjoys studying about flowers. • Just like any commoner, His Royal Highness Prince Harry is a big fan of Trek.

Although Prince Harry was born in the British Royal family and is in line for the throne, he is just like a common person who loves ice cream and Trek and flowers. Just like any other person, Prince Harry has also made a few mistakes and learned from them.