Is Pokimane in a relationship? Whom is she dating? Know the latest on this Twitch star and gamer, her career, and boyfriends!

Pokimane is a popular Twitch star. She is originally from Morocco and has come and made it big in the USA in the online sphere. This is an achievement in itself! Her life would definitely inspire people to follow their dreams and think big in spite of all hurdles and odds!

Let us have a look inside her rich biography to know how she managed to make that great leap from Morocco to the USA and become one of the highly paid online star and internet personality! The salient features related to her childhood, education, professional, and personal life and presented below for our valuable readers!

Pokimane’s birth, age, childhood, and education

Pokimane actual name is Imane or Amy. She loves the cartoon character Pokemon as well as the video games. Hence using that as the background, she nicknamed herself as Pokimane. Pokimane was born on 14 May 1996; her current age been 21 years. Her place of birth is Morocco. Her family then moved to Canada. She holds Moroccan nationality.

Source: YouTube (Pokimane)

Regarding Pokimane’s education, she is a student at McMaster University and is pursuing her degree course in chemical engineering. She loves Maths. This 5 feet 4 inches tall lady is fluent in French besides knowing good English. She also knows a bit of the local Moroccan dialect called as Darija.

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Pokimane’s online career

Pokimane’s career is as a YouTuber and gamer. She is a female gamer who has been playing for more than 3 years now. She is a Diamond S6Division. She possesses a G11CD Asus desktop, powered by a 7th Generation i5 processor, and a GeForce GTX1060 graphics. She is a world-renowned League of Legends gamer, posting gameplay video on her YouTube and Twitch accounts.

Source: YouTube (Pokimane in her video)

She applied for US visa and got it in March 2017. She chose California since she wanted to be with other gamers such as Scarra, Based_Yoona and ChrisChanTO and a video editor SpooksOP. The group mainly focuses on the production of video content and gameplay streams. Her videos are partly gameplay and partly ‘mukbang’.

Pokimane also sells her own merchandise online which includes men and women T-shirts and hoodies. She has more than 305k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her videos in toto have been viewed more than 25 million times. She regularly posts videos online and does it almost 3-4 times per week. She also has an ASMR channel.

On her Twitch, Pokimane has around 381k followers. Her daily streaming time is about 4-5 hours. She likes making people happy and enjoys story-telling. Her Instagram also has more than 300k fans. Her most popular video has been “Stream Highlight With Corobizar and ImSoFresh!” which she had posted on 15 March 2015. She had posted a video on Twitter of her without the makeup since her fans had asked her to.

Pokimane earns an enormous amount of money through her online job. Her exact net worth is however not known.

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Pokimane’s boyfriends

Pokimane is not married for sure. There have been rumors that she is dating her fellow YouTubers and gamers such as Meteos and Scarra. It is not confirmed that he is her boyfriend. But there has been no confirmation about it from both sides. She is friendly with Nikki Smith who also is a popular Twitch star and streamer like Pokimane. Wishing Pokimane the very best for her life and work!

Source: YouTube (Pokimane)

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