Brian Wecht

Physicist turned comedy musician and YouTuber-Know about Brian Wecht’s scientific and creative careers and how he changed the course!

Brian Wecht was a Physicist in London before he decided to change tracks and come into the world of entertainment and YouTube. It is amazing how a scientific person drifts into the music arena and makes it big here! Let us try to follow this great scientist turned musician’s journey from the ‘string’ theory to the musical ‘strings’.

The initial career-A Physicist

Brian Wecht was born in New York City but his family moved to London when he was a child. He has a degree in jazz composition. He did his training and Ph.D. in particle Physics from USCD (University of California, San Diego) in 2004. Brian Wecht had held various research positions at the esteemed Harvard University, the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the University of Michigan. His main area of research was string theory and the supersymmetric gauge theories. He was keenly interested in gauge mediation, supersymmetry breaking, and novel compactifications of string theory. He has a multitude of publications to his credit. He held a faculty position at the School of Physics and Astronomy, Queen Mary University of London.

Source: School of Physics and Astronomy (Brian as faculty member)

The switch to music, comedy, and YouTube

In 2009, he joined Danny (Daniel Avidan) and formed the band Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb. He is nicknamed Ninja Brian due to this association. He also has another name called as ‘Spyyyder’. He is a keyboardist, pianist, and a ninja on the band. The two had met through a mutual friend when Danny wanted to revive his music band and was in need of a keyboardist. In most of the videos, Brian gives a deadly black stare into the camera. He is always at war with Danny in the comic videos. The band has released 6 albums and 4 of these have made it to the top. Three of his music albums were in position 1 on the Billboard Comedy Chart. One of the albums made it to the top 10 in the chart.

Source: Twitter (Ninja Brian)

In 2015, Brian Wecht took the bold step of leaving his academics and positions and jumping full time into the entertainment industry. Brian is also a cast member on the YouTube gaming channel called as Game Grumps. This channel is viewed a lot and has more than 3 million subscribers. Brian has appeared in many of the Grumpcade episodes, some of the Steam Train episodes, and has also managed the chats in the Game Grumps livestream. He also has a pivotal role in the social media.

Source: Amino apps (Ninja Brian)

He has also co-founded the ‘The Story Collider’ and is the LA producer for it. Ben Lillie is with him in the creation of this show. This is basically a science-themed live storytelling show and podcast. It is a weekly show and shows how science has made a difference in the world. It is held in theaters, art galleries, clubs, and other non-academic places. Brian hosts the show and is also the story-teller.

Brian has also contributed towards the ‘l Burgie, Burgie’ as a puppeteer, music writer, and script writer with Barry Kramer.

Brian’s personal life

Brian was born on April 22, 1975, in New York. He is married to wife Rachel and has a daughter with her whom they have named Audrey.