PHOTOS: Travis Scott’s 10 Best Instagram Pics

We went through Travis Scott’s entire Instagram feed, starting with humble beginnings up to his journey with fatherhood, to find his best pics!

Who Is Travis Scott?

Travis Scott: Rapper. Producer. Singer. Sex symbol. Kylie Jenner’s baby-daddy. The new father, who turned 26 years old Monday, may not be as well known for his style as his famous, makeup mogul girlfriend, but his Instagram still racks up almost a million likes per post. Scott not only celebrated his birthday with Kylie Jenner, who rented out Six Flags for her boyfriend, but also by posting on the social media platform for the first time in a month, to the delight of his many admirers who missed his popular pics. The Goosebumps singer is respected in the industry–Scott recently had “Butterfly Effect” become his fourth multi-platinum single–but the beginning of his Instagram account shows the progression of his career and lifestyle. Scott’s feed starts with lower quality pics, some of random girls on their birthdays, and unknown friends.

Travis Scott’s 10 Best Instagram Pics

February 26th, 2014: This picture shows the beginning of Scott’s infamous long hair/box braids. It’s true he looks good with any hairstyle, but this has become his signature look, as he’s kept it up for years. HIs hair is so synonymous with his name that fans have recreated alternative covers for “Goosebumps” featuring his locks.

December 31st, 2014: Scott uploaded his first pic involving Kanye West in March of 2012, but that pic didn’t actually have the two artists in it. Plus, this pic shows not only a smiling Travis, but a smiling Kanye West. Pretty rare, right? Do you think Scott knew that the legend, West, would become a pseudo brother-in-law one day?

February 22nd, 2015: Who knows if Scott had these toned abs before this post, but this day he decided to show them off! Scott’s physique has definitely gotten more toned; and has been featured on many of his album artwork, including Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Rodeo, and Days Before Rodeo.

September 7th, 2014: Besides the obvious departure from his previous style, this pic if just plain funny. Scott is on a catwalk, basically looking like he’s floating in the air. Just read the comments from Scott’s fans, you’ll see how many people found the humor.

October 8th, 2014: Another quintessential pic of Scott, this is the first one with his full-on signature pose, head so far down you can’t see his face, and looking like he’s hanging over something. Scott’s far from the average rapper when it comes to how he presents himself.

June 14th, 2014: This pic is not the best quality, but Scott’s company makes it worth the look. Here, Scott is hanging out with fellow artists Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Talk about being like the company you keep: successful.

September 12th, 2016: There’s no way this pic could not be included, especially considering the multiple posts Scott has with Bill Clinton; and one of Hillary Clinton. The pair look so happy, and lots of his fans approve of the unexpected and surprising friendship. We’ll ship the Scott and Clinton relationship for life.

August 3rd, 2014: There are plenty of great pics of Scott playing a concert, but this one takes the cake. Not only is the rapper clearly enjoying himself (and shirtless), but he’s interacting with his very excited fans. Just look at the guy to the left of him with the side cut. If he’s that excited to be at his concert, imagine how happy he is to have been featured on one of Scott’s Instagram pics.

August 8th, 2016: Scott’s best selfie…look at that smile! This is just another reason to be jealous of Kylie Jenner, who is a self-made millionaire, mother, and envy of all women who are as obsessed with her boyfriend’s looks as they are his music.

September 4th, 2016: This pic may be less exciting than seeing Scott’s toned body, famous friends, or lavish lifestyle, but it showcases his artistry in the best way. It comes from the Made In America Festival, and the light coming through the trees perfectly matches the vibes from his album cover for his 2016 album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

The evolution of these posts is indicative of Travis Scott’s rise to fame, so we’re interested to see what will come next now that he’s a father. It’s rumored that “Butterfly Effect” was inspired by Kylie Jenner, so who knows what more she and their daughter, Stormi, will inspire in his art.