PHOTOS: Movie Actress Ricki Noel Lander’s 10 Best Instagram Images

Ricki Noel Lander is best known for her acting and modeling. Some of her best images are of her and her boyfriend Robert Kraft on both Instagram and Twitter. Learn more about her, as well as her overall net worth by reading below.

Movie Actress Ricki Noel Lander

Ricki Noel Lander works as a model but she’s also known for her roles in popular movies in television shows as an actress. Some of her most famous roles include ‘Ugly Betty,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert,’ and ‘True Blood.’ Even though she has small roles in most of these (including playing a flight attendant in ‘Iron Man’) she has also been known to play herself, which she did in the film ‘The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert.’

Top 10 Best Images: Instagram, Twitter and More Including Her Net Worth

Ricki’s career as a movie actress and model, as well as being in a relationship with Robert Kraft, who has a net worth of over $6 billion, gives her plenty of opportunities to be in front of the camera. Having her own net worth of about $2 million doesn’t hurt her clothes shopping budget either!

#10–Supporting her Team

Movie actress, Ricki Noel Lander attended the Fanatics Super Bowl party on Feb. 2, 2018, to support the Patriots. Dressed in their merchandise, she’s ready to support her team!


Ricki at the Fanatics Super Bowl Party

#9–Ricki and Robert Kraft

Even when she’s just come off of an airplane, movie actress Ricki Noel Lane still looks great in a red romper and blue coat. Next to her, is her boyfriend, Robert Kraft.

#8–Walking the Movie Industry Red Carpet

Here, at the 2018 Roc Nation Red Carpet, Ricki is pictured in an all-black outfit with a furry bag once attending a Hollywood movie event. At her side is her boyfriend, wearing a suit and sneakers.


Ricki at Roc Nation 2018

#7–Little Black Dress

Ricki shows off her body in a tight black dress that shows just a hint of cleavage through a triangle-shaped gap at the 60th annual Grammy Awards celebrating the movie industry. Kraft is by her side, as always, wearing an expensive black suit.


Ricki at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards

#6–Red Dress

With a beautiful smile on her face, movie actress Ricki Noel Lander shines at the 13th Annual Enduring Vision Benefit. She is a vision herself as she stuns and awes in a cleavage-exposing long red dress. Of course, Kraft is by her side.


Ricki at the 13th Annual Enduring Vision Benefit

#5–Carnegie Hall

Movie actress Ricki Noel Lander looks great in this photo of her and Kraft as they attend the Medal of Excellence Gala at Carnegie Hall in 2014. She shines in her light blue dress. The dress clings to her body, but also shows pleanty of cleavage, making her the center of attention.


Ricki at Carnegie Hall (2014)

#4-Hanging out with Elton John

Sneaking in on the left side of the frame, movie actress Ricki Noel Lander still manages to steal the show in this picture of her in a black dress. This picture was taken at Elton John’s Oscar party in 2015.

#3–Pretty in Pink

Movie actress Ricki Noel Lander looks pretty in pink! Here, she is featured in a light pink dress at the Hot Pink BOS party in 2014. Kraft tries to match by wearing a pink tie as well.

#2–At the Grammy Awards

With Kraft ever at her side, movie actress Ricki Noel Lander is pictured wearing a skin-tight shimmery green dress and nude heels at the 2016 Grammy Award After Party. Kraft is shown wearing his average outfit–a suit and sneakers.


Ricki at the 2016 Grammy Awards After Party

#1–Social Media

Movie actress Ricki Noel Lander has a Twitter profile picture (Feb. 2018) shows her sprawled out on the beach wearing…not much at all. Her hair is wind-swept. Even covered in mud, Ricki knows how to look good!


Ricki’s Twitter Profile Picture