PHOTOS: Daniella Pineda’s 10 Best Instagram Pics

Daniella Pineda is best known for her role in ‘The Originals’, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’, and ‘Newlywed’. Here are 10 of her best pics shared on Instagram.

Daniella Pineda: Mexican-American Star

Daniella Pineda’s fabulous acting career began back in 2013 when she gained a permanent position on hit television Show ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Since then she’s gone on to act in ‘The Originals’, ‘The Detour’, ‘Sleeping with Other People’, ‘Newlyweds’, and ‘The Fitzgerald Family Christmas.’ Most recently she was cast as the lead female actress in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’. As young as she is, Daniella Pineda has been creating a platform for many new actresses to follow. Born in 1987 and hailing from California, Daniella Pineda is one of the most successful Mexican-American actresses in Hollywood. She is most famously known for the beautiful gap that is she wears between her top front teeth. This is a trait that makes her one of the most stunning young actresses in Hollywood today. Daniella Pineda is not only beautiful, but she is also intelligent. She graduated from Mills College and she currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Top 10 Instagram Pics of Daniella Pineda

#10: Look into My Eyes

‘The Detour’ actress looks stunning in this Instagram pic though only her beautiful eyes are all she is choosing to share with fans. Daniella Pineda makes modeling her second natural talent as you will see in many of her amazing pics.

#9: Just a Simple Girl with a Dream

She’s just a simple girl with a big dream. Daniella Pineda who starred in ‘Sleeping with Other People’ can go from Hollywood glamour girl to geeky chick in a matter of minutes. She is still beautiful, however, no matter the look.

#8: Mid-day Dip

During a photo shoot, Daniella Pineda takes a dip into a river showing off her ability to look gorgeous while swimming. ‘The Originals’ actress proves to be one of the newest Hollywood starlets to keep an eye on.

#7: Businesswoman on a Mission

Regardless of the set, Daniella Pineda shows off her beauty in the most humble way. ‘The Fitzgerald Family Christmas’ star is giving fans something to see while wearing this beautiful silver dress. This Instagram pic is one of our favorites.

#6: Runway Savage

Being a runway savage isn’t easy, but fans couldn’t tell while watching Daniella Pineda strut her stuff. This Instagram pic has to be one of the most stunning shared by the ‘Newlyweds’ star.

#5: Beautiful Butterfly

With little to no makeup in this Instagram pic, Daniella Pineda shows off her natural beauty. Daniella Pineda shows fans that she can be glam, tomboyish, and geek all at the same time.

#4: Black & White Beauty

We’re Getting close-up and personal with Daniella Pineda in this shared Instagram pic where her beauty is breathtaking.

#3: Lady in Red

Most people think they look good in red, however, Daniella Pineda is certainly someone who was born to wear it. It’s obvious by this picture that red looks good on her.

#2: Bad Girl Dani

Daniella Pineda makes the grungy bad girl look fit for royalty during this photo shoot.

#1: The Art of Beauty

Mexico met America and created an awe inspiring actress named Daniella Pineda. Beautiful is not the word to describe this Instagram pic of the beautiful, young, Hollywood starlet.

Daniella Pineda: Future of Gold

No matter her professional life decisions, it is clear that Hollywood got lucky when Daniella Pineda made the decision to become an actress. With many future project unfolding, the future is paved in gold for this young beauty.