Paul Simon Wiki: Everything To Know About Carrie Fisher’s Ex Husband

Paul Simon is a musician and the ex husband of Carrie Fisher. Here is everything you need to know about Simon’s life till date.

Paul Simon before becoming a legendary star

People who listen to classical music can attest that Paul Simon is a great star. Simon has been singing for decades. In fact, he is one of the earliest singers who are still standing and playing the guitar strings for almost sixty years. Simon never tires and his music is forever sweet. Paul Simon’s music career started to grow when he grouped with Art Garfunkel to form a duo called Simon & Garfunkel. Simon is the one who used to write most of the songs. But who is Paul Simon? Simon is a singer specialized in vocals and guitar, as well as an actor. Simon was born in 1941 in New Jersey. His late father Louis Simon was a professor at a college, a dance band leader and a double bass player. His stage name was Lee Sims, short for Lois Simon. Simon’s late mother, Belle Simon, was a teacher at an elementary school. Simon has Hungarian-Jewish roots. The singer’s family moved to New York City when he was four. Donald Fagen watched Simon grow up in the city. He described Simon as a young New York Jew who cared much about music and baseball, and he was perhaps influenced by his parents. Simon said what Fagen said about him was pure truth and his father Louis Simon was a fan of New York Yankees.

Simon started his career with Garfunkel

Simon met Art Garfunkel when they were both 11 years old and started singing when they were 13. Mostly Simon and Garfunkel performed at school dances and their role models were the Everly Brothers. Simon quickly developed an interest in jazz, blues and folk music. Carrie Fisher’s ex-husband graduated from Forest Hills High School and joined Queens College where he majored in English. Paul Simon and Garfunkel recorded a couple of songs together as a duo. One of the songs is called “The Sound of Silence.” Paul Simon wrote the song in months before they went through an audition and signing a deal with Columbia Records. “The Sound of Silence” was recorded in Columbia Studios one year later. However, the album didn’t do well commercially and was due to the loss, the duo was disbanded. After they broke up, Simon went to England while his fellow ex-duo mate went back to study at Columbia University. Shortly after, the song started to attract airplay in radio stations based in Florida, Boston, and Massachusetts. Following the sudden success, the producer did a remix of the song and before informing Simon, released it in 1965.

Simon’s Graceland studio album

Simon released his seventh solo album “Graceland” in 1986 which was crafted by Warner Bros. Records. One of the songs on the album is “Graceland.” The song features artists who were Simon’s role models, the Everly Brothers. The lyrics of Simon’s song discuss Simon’s thoughts after he broke up with his wife Carrie Fisher, an actress and author. The song was quite good and enjoyed massive airplay. The song went ahead to grant Simon a Grammy Award and became the first low ranking song on the charts to win such an award. Several artists jumped to do a cover of Simon’s song. Another song on the album that was equally successful was “You Can Call Me Al.” The single was actually the lead song of “Graceland” album. “You Can Call Me Al” was inspired by Simon’s trip to South Africa where he experienced the South African culture. The lyrics also seemed to show that Simon was going through a midlife crisis. “You Can Call Me Al” is one of Simon’s greatest hits and it reached the fifth spot or higher in over seven countries. Critics praised the story of Simon who had just been the ex-husband of Carrie Fisher.

Stranger to Stranger: His 13th album

In 2016, Simon released his Thirteenth solo album called “Stranger to Stranger” which was worked on by Concord Records. It took Simon several years to write and craft the album in a way he saw best. Simon was even rewriting some lyrics. The album by Carrie Fisher’s ex-husband has some custom-made beats. Three of the songs in Simon’s album were collaborations which Simon did with Clap! Clap! an Italian electronic artist. His fans had awaited Simon to drop an album for a long time, and when he released “Stranger to Stranger,” it quenched his fan base. Moreover, Simon’s album was number three on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Simon is Peggy’s and Carrie Fisher’s Ex Husband

Simon is the ex husband of Peggy who he divorced in 1975. After that, he married actress and author Carrie Fisher. Unfortunately, their marriage life was shorter than a year and shorter than the time they dated. Simon became Fisher’s ex husband in 1984. Simon refers his former wife in his “Graceland” album a lot. Simon is currently married to Edie Brickell.

Simon’s curtains stores and his net worth

Paul Simon has 51 stores all over England that deal with carpets, curtains and furniture under the name Paul Simon Curtains Superstores. Simon has employed over 500 staff and his business is doing quite well. Simon has a net worth of $45 million according to the Richest. Most of his net worth is from the profits gained from record sales.

It was probably a down moment for Simon after floods hit his stores. Nevertheless, everybody goes through some challenges sometimes. Maybe Simon will release an album even if he is getting old. One thing for sure is Simon is still an energetic performer.