Paco Grande Wiki: Everything To Know About Jessica Lange’s Ex Husband

Here is everything available to know about Paco Grande, the ex-husband of the multitalented American actress, Jessica Lange.

About Paco Grande, Jessica Lange’s Ex-Husband

Paco Grande is a Spanish actor and photojournalist born in the year 1943 in Madrid, Spain. For his University education, it’s on record that he attended the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid where he trained as an information scientist. His Spanish name which was given to him at birth was Francisco José Grande Sánchez but he’s commonly called Paco Grande. His life and career haven’t been spared from controversy. In 2011, Paco Grande was dismissed from RTVE where he worked based on his alleged role in the disqualification of some of his colleagues. Paco Grande is not just a journalist but also an actor. As an actor, his debut appearance in movies was in the year 2010 where he featured in the blockbuster Postales as Don Pepe. It was Paco Grande’s performance in “Postales” that brought him into the limelight. Paco Grande has made a lot of money from his profession and perhaps, other sources too. The 75-year old’s net worth has been set at $16 million although it is still being contested amidst his critics whether he deserves such a huge net worth or not. Paco Grande is an artist with a penchant for traveling. He has traveled around Europe partly for his career and partly for adventure. His love for traveling was among other things that attracted his erstwhile wife, Jessica Lange to him.

Relationship Status

Paco Grande fell in love with a teenage American girl, Jessica Lange, in 1967 when he was 24 and the former was 18. Three years later, Paco Grande and Jessica Lange took their love further by exchanging vows in marriage. Jessica has been a recipient of the Golden Globe Awards many times and several others and has featured in a number of movies and Television series part of which is Fued: Bette and Joane. Fued: Bette and Joane is a seasonal Television series which was first shown in 2017. Its only season has 8 episodes and Jessica was Joan Crawford in the show. It’s quite unfortunate that Paco Grande became Jessica Lange’s ex-husband too soon. Eleven years after their marriage, the couple had to settle for divorce when the tension that has been piling up between them could no longer be curtailed. As a result of the divorce, Jessica was made to pay a huge sum of money to Paco in alimony. Many have therefore attributed the handsome net worth the Jessica Lange’s ex-husband is now parading in part to the alimony received from his erstwhile wife. Details about the marital life of Paco Grande have been kept secret and it’s not clear if this ex-husband of Jessica is still in any active relationship as at present.

In Short,

Paco Grande is known today perhaps for two things. First, his initial marriage to the 16 times Golden Globe Awards recipient, Jessica Lange and second, his own sterling performance in “Postales.” At his current age, it is not certain if Jessica Lange’s ex-husband can continue in his acting profession but of course, that decision remains his and his alone.