Owen Neistat age, parents, relationship, net worth, social media

Owen Neistat

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Owen is famous as an Instagram star and is the son of the famous Casey Neistat who rose to fame when he commenced the company called Beme which is a social media or multimedia company.

Owen and his biography and childhood

Owen was born on 14 April 1998 and his current age if 20 years. His place of birth is Connecticut. His father is Casey Neistat who co-founded the company called Beme for social media. His father is also a writer and a filmmaker. He is also the creator of HBO’s The Neistat Brothers. Owen’s mother’s name is Robin Harris.

Source: Pinterest (Owen with father, stepmother, and half-sister)

Owen also has a half-sister named Francine. His parents separated and his father got remarried to the South African creative director and jewelry designer Candice Pool. She has her jewelry range called FINN jewelry.

Owen’s father was only 17 when Owen was born. His mother was also a teenager and a teen mom. His parents were never married. There are no details available about Owen’s schooling but currently, he is at the University of San Francisco where he is studying Hospitality Management. He will complete his graduation in 2020 and will then hold a B.S. degree in Business.

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Owen and his work experience

Owen is studying but he has done some work experience in his field. He has done certain internships. He worked at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Connecticut in the capacity of an archives intern. His job entailed archiving the records of the theatre and arranging/sorting the props the theatre used.

Source: Pinterest (Father-son duo)

Before he started his University studies, Owen also did an internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Media Lab. Owen believes in hard work and utilizes his time in constructive work and learning.

His father had started a video-sharing app along with Matt Hackett. It was meant for 4-second video and it soon became a hit and was a success. It was acquired by CNN for $ 25 million. They had wanted to convert it into a new brand targeting the young population. However, it did not pick up and CNN shut it officially on 31 January 2017. It was later merged into CNN Digital Studios on 25 January 2018.

Source: Twitter (Owen Neistat)

There are no details available about Owen’s net worth.

Owen and his relationships

Source: Hashing (Owen Neistat with half-sister)

Owen has been secretive about his personal life. He has never opened up about his love life or past or current relationships. He has not been sighted with any female or girlfriend. Owen has never been married and has no children. He has not expressed on his sexuality but people have already started speculating on it especially since he has not yet entered into any known relationships.

Owen and his body measurements

Owen possesses a good body. There is no account of his measurements of the body anywhere on the internet. He is healthy and focussed on his career and studies at the moment. He is not yet into the full-fledged career but his part-time work and internship program has helped him to get a deeper insight into the career that he would adopt later on in his life.

Source: Twitter (Casey and Owen)

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Owen Neistat social media

He is active on social media. His Instagram has more than 53.4k followers, more than 2.4k subscribers on YouTube. He seems to be absent on other social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

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