The openly gay African-American YouTube gamer and Twitcher Sky Williams! Learn about his depression, childhood, career, and relationships!

Sky Williams

Sky Williams is an American YouTube Gamer, stand-up comedian, and a Vlogger. He is renowned and has gained popularity mainly due to his League of Legends, videos, and rants. There is a lot in this YouTuber’s life which is not known by the readers! Let us commence with this openly gay African-American’s childhood and growing years!

Sky Williams’ birth, age, childhood, and education

Sky Williams was born in San Jose, California on 31 January 1990. His parents are Greg and Sharon Williams. When Sky was three years old, his parents divorced. His mother moved to Gilroy and he was raised there. His mother remarried but Sky had issues with his stepfather and they never could get along well.

He also has two elder siblings; sister Alex and brother Nick. He was into athletics while at school. He was supposedly a good student and encouraged by his school to participate in the Gifted and Talented Education program.

Source: Twitter (Sky with him mom)

He had sexuality issues but was unable to come out to his family and the world due to fear. Hence he faced depression while in the sixth grade which only worsened due to his classmates bullying him. His best friend’s death due to bacterial meningitis only aggravated his condition.

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Sky Williams’ career

Sky Williams was not happy on his personal front and was going through depression. He, therefore, took to video gaming to escape from all this bad phase of his life. He started first playing the ‘Super Smash Brothers’. He became so expert in this game that he started participating in competitions related to it. He did more tournaments in order to come to the top.

His real fame came when he started doing comedy shows. He used to do improvised humor in school and had also won trophies for it. In order to make ends meet, he worked as a server at the Applebees Grill and Bar. It was here that he learned about the Flappers comedy competition. He immediately filled the form and participated in the competition, bagging the fourth place amongst 400 contestants.

Source: YouTube (Sky Williams)

He also created his own YouTube channel and started uploading funny and humorous videos on it. He started off with vlogging. His video ranting about the Legend of League gamers went viral and won him a lot of fame. After the death of Robin Williams, Sky Williams posted a video on depression and this was liked by many and also was published in The Huffington Post and the UK Telegraph.

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He used to also stream on Twitch. His subscriber list on YouTube is more than 900000. His followers on Twitch number 275000.

He wants to help people with his videos and make them laugh and want also them to come out of their depression. He is candid in his opinions and not afraid to post them online to help others. He is friends with his YouTubers and fellow gamers such as Dunkey and Sp4zie.

His videos are funny but some of them are annoying for his fans. He has also received some poor ratings due to it and people have also called him as fake. He has 503k fans following him on Twitter.

Sky Williams’ relationships

Sky Williams is openly gay. But it is not known who is his boyfriend or partner. He does introduce some faces of his boyfriends on his social media but then denies them later. He is not married and has no children.

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