Olivia Nova’ Wiki: Net Worth, Instagram, Death & Facts To Know

You were probably intrigued by the late Olivia Nova. She was a pornstar and died just recently. Her net worth is not clear.

Olivia Nova died on Sunday

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Whether you love watching porn or not, by now you must be knowing about Olivia Nova. Maybe Nova wasn’t your favorite pornstar, but Nova has been making headlines since her demise on Sunday and you would now care to know about Nova? Nova’s life wasn’t a smooth one, and Nova’s mother still struggles hard to pay her bills. Even though Nova was a celebrated pornstar, Nova perhaps hadn’t built a decent net worth. Olivia Nova’s real name is Lexi Fort. The stage name Olivia Nova was probably inspired by Oliva Nova Beach and Golf Course, a real estate investment. The beach and golf course estate has tailor-made villas and plots that people can buy and build their homes. Nova even wished to shoot one of her scenes in the area.

She was born in Minnesota

Nova was born and raised in Minnesota. After a while, Nova moved to Las Vegas where Nova started her career as a pornstar in March 2017. LA Direct Models represented Nova. According to The Sun, Olivia Nova died when she was just 20 on January 9. Nova’s agent, LA Direct Models, said that they were shocked by Nova’s sudden death. The agent stated that Nova represented them for a short period, but they came to love Nova for her sweet, gentle personality. They also added that Nova was gorgeous and interesting. The cause of Nova’s death is still unknown and post-mortem results are expected to be released after six to eight weeks for people to know what happened to Nova.

Facts about the late pornstar

Her Mom didn’t know she was pornstar

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Nova’s mother didn’t know that her daughter Nova was a pornstar. After she was asked for a brief comment, Nova’s mother, Leslie said that all she needed was to bring her daughter, Nova home and preserve her dignity. Leslie described Nova as an amazing daughter with a bigger heart than anybody else she knew. Leslie also revealed that she learned about her daughter’s profession after her death.

Go Fund Me page was created to fund her burial

Nova left behind her mother Leslie, brother David, and sister Macie. The family can’t afford to give Nova a decent send-off, so people around Nova’s family set up a Go Fund Me page to help Nova’s mother raise funds to bury Nova. Nova’s earnings perhaps can’t help out and probably her net worth was almost nothing. The page has raised over $5,000 of the targeted $8,000 required for Nova’s send off. Nova’s friend is the one who came up with the idea to create the fund page and she said that the used to joke about Nova’s accent because it was funny.

She spent the holidays alone

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In December last year, Nova posted on twitter that she would be alone on the holidays and give a Nova fan a call to lift her spirits. In Nova’s twitter bio, Nova said she was a ‘dog mom,’ a vegan, and a wine lover. One of Nova’s fans responded to Nova’s tweet and said that he was sad to hear that Nova would be alone. Another Nova’s fan messaged Nova to send her some positive vibes.

Nova had other plans

While in an interview with Dave Naz, one of Nova’s photographers, Nova revealed that she was shaking before she took off her clothes for her first porn shoot. Nova stated that she was comfortable again after a few seconds. Nova also revealed that she wanted to go back to school within ten years. The late Nova also had plans of setting up a non-profit project. Nova stated that she was working on a debut album with an unknown person.

She had a disturbed life

Nova was involved in a tragic death in 2014 that almost took her life. In December, Nova posted a photo on her Instagram showing a photo of her in 2014 after Nova was involved in a horrible DUI-related motor accident. Nova also spoke about the time she spent in a juvenile detention center. Nova described her experience saying that it was rough. According to Nova, everybody around her while in there was fake and didn’t care about Nova. Nova also said that the facility was cold, food was horrible and they were not fed well. Nova had been arrested for skipping school.

She was a victim of cyberbullying

Nova was accused on Twitter and Instagram of using heroin. Nova defended herself saying that her boyfriend died from heroin overdose in April last year. One of Nova’s fans replied to her message warning her haters to keep off the pornstar’s private life. Nova’s friend revealed that Nova had moved after she lost her boyfriend and she was dating again. However, Nova was telling her friend that her new guy was not good and he wasn’t the kind of guy with a decent net worth like she thought.

Nova was a successful pornstar but broke

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Nova has over 1.2 million video views on of the world’s most popular porn sites, Pornhub. You perhaps think that with all those views, she was earning quite decently and her net worth was growing but that’s not the real case as she died almost broke. Nova had been nominated for two categories in the AVN Awards. She had also worked with New Sensations, Naughty America, Digital Sin, and many others.

Her net worth is unknown

Nova’s net worth is not known. In fact, she might have passed on broke. Despite her success in the porn industry, it seems her efforts didn’t bear fruits early enough.

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Olivia Nova had a bright future ahead of her. She died young, and she is just another pornstar whose death is questionable after three other died in less than two months before Nova’s death. Our condolences to the family. May she rest in eternal peace.