Offset Wiki: Everything To Know About Cardi B’s Engaged Boyfriend

Offset is a rapper and the engaged boyfriend of Cardi B. Here are some facts to know about the rapper, including his criminal history.

Who is Offset?

If you are a huge hip-hop fan, then you must be familiar with Migos. The group is made of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. Quavo is a cousin to Offset and uncle to Takeoff, and so, they are all related. You must be in love with their jams which rock the radio waves. Offset is the engaged boyfriend of Cardi B, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker. Quavo is rumored to be dating Nicki Minaj, who is featured in their “Motorsport” song. So, outside the music industry, who is Takeoff? Offset’s real name is Kiari Cephus and he grew up in Gwinnett County with his cousin and nephew. The area is a suburb, a half an hour ride from Atlanta. People might say that Offset and his mates were not raised in the hood like many other rappers. Offset’s cousin Quavo said that it’s true they were raised in an able family and his neighborhood was not hard. But they made it hard for themselves and chose to stay in the streets. Offset is one of the rappers making headlines right now. Migos have released two albums so far. Their first album is “Yung Rich Nation” and the second one is titled “Culture.” They are also planning to release their third album “Culture 2.”

Facts to Know About Offset

Offset Owns Bad and Boujee More

It’s believed that Offset commanded the track “Bad and Boujee,” a 2017 hit song that enjoyed massive online streams becoming an Internet phenomenon. There were a lot of memes from the song, most with the rapper’s line “rain drop, drop top…” that hip-hop lovers felt was lyrical and creative. The song topped the Billboard Charts, and it showed just how Offset can be influential.

He is Also a Campaigner

Offset also stars in campaigns, apart from making music. The rapper has been in campaigns of renowned figures like Gosha Rubchinskiy, Lavati, and Bryce Barnes. Offset also appeared in a 2016 episode of Donald Glover’s series, “Atlanta.” His trio counterparts also associate themselves with campaigns.

He also collaborates with other artists

Offset doesn’t sing in his group only. Just like Migos and Takeoff, Offset has released his own music and collaborated with a range of artists. Two of the songs that the engaged boyfriend of Cardi B has worked with other artists are “Willy Wonka” with Macklemore from Macklemore’s album “Gemini, “and Metro Boomin’s single “No Complaints” with Drake. Offset also collaborated with 21 Savage in “Without Warning.” Just like any other 21 Savage song, “Without Warning” was a hit.

He is a True Gangsta

In 2013, when Migos rose to fame, Offset violated a probation that he had received following some felony convictions for theft and burglary. Cardi B’s engaged boyfriend was detained in Georgia’s Dekalb County jail. In April 2015, Offset and other two members of Migos were arrested by the authorities at Georgina Southern University while on a concert. Some members of their crew were also arrested. Offset was denied bond and faced charges related to narcotics and firearms in a school safety zone. Offset also received extra charges for battery and was accused of inciting a riot while inside a penal facility. Offset had attacked a fellow inmate causing some severe injuries to him. Migos’s attorney argued that the police were unfairly profiling the trio. After being denied bond, Offset shouted obscene words as he was escorted out of the courtroom. Cardi B’s engaged boyfriend spent eight months in custody after he accepted to plead guilty to inciting a riot in a penal facility and his other charges were dropped. Offset paid $1,000 fine and given a five-year probation. In March 2016, he was caught driving with a suspended license, got arrested, and was released the next day without charges being filed.

He is the Engaged Boyfriend of Cardi B

Offset is the engaged boyfriend of Cardi B. Cardi B and Offset began dating in early 2017. Offset proposed to her during a live performance.

Before They Were Famous, Their Music was Played in a Club

Offset’s trio is described as “Rio Migos” by the early fans. Don’t you think it would have been so cool if their name had been “Rio Migos”? Migos is already a household name though. So, ever wonder why Offset and his group were called that? Before Migos became famous, they would record songs in their home and offer to buy DJ’s in Club Rio drinks to play their jams. They actually made it that way.

Their Albums

Offset and his group Migos released their first album in 2015 titled “Yung Rich Nation.” The album features collabos with Young Thug and Chris Brown. “Yung Rich Nation” was number 17 on the Billboard Charts and 11th highest in sales in its debut week. The following album that Offset’s trio released is “Culture” which has collabos from DJ Khaled, Lil Uzi Vert, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, and Travis Scott. The most listened songs from the album are “Bad and Boujee,” “Slippery,” and “T-Shirt.” The album topped the Billboard Charts. Offset revealed that “Culture 2” is coming and will feature Cardi B. The album contains the song “Motorsport.”

Offset’s Net Worth

Offset has an estimated net worth of $4 million while the whole Migos is estimated to have a net worth of $9 million. Offset’s girlfriend Cardi B has a net worth of $5 million. All that net worth is earned from album sales and performances.

We are Anticipating

Offset has a full career ahead of him. Offset and his group’s album “Culture 2” will likely be a smash one, judging by how Offset and his group have been dropping hits this entire year. Offset’s fans hope that he will marry Cardi B in the coming year.