Noel Hogan Wiki: Musician, Net Worth, ‘Cranberries’ & Facts To Know

The Cranberries was formed by Noel Hogan, his brother Mike, and drummer Fergal Lawler in 1989. Know more about the musician, including his net worth.

Noel Hogan – the musician

The lead guitarist of the popular Irish band ‘Cranberries’, Noel Hogan has been traveling with his music all over the world since the time his band came back from the hiatus. 6 years of hiatus from 2003 to 2009 left the fans of the band ‘Cranberries’ wanting for more. Though the band was formed by Noel Hogan, his brother, and Fergal Lawler, none of them was a singer. So, they approached Dolores O’Riordan to sing for their band soon after. Noel Hogan was the lead guitarist as well as the co-songwriter, Mike was the bassist and Fergal Lawler was the drummer. In the 90s, this Irish band gained a huge popularity and the songs, Zombie, Dreams, No Need to Argue, Linger, and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee are some of their Chartbuster hits. Noel Hogan, the musician, has released as many as 6 albums with ‘Cranberries’, then the band went on a hiatus for 6 years from the year 2003. But, when they finally reformed in 2009, there was no looking back for them.

Early life of the musician

Noel Hogan was born as Noel Anthony Hogan on 25th December 1971 in Ireland. The musician in Noel Hogan compelled him to form a band where he used to co-write songs and also play the role of lead guitarist without fail. Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? was their debut album and the song sold over 40 million records all over the world. This song also featured on the Billboard 200 chart within top 20. Apart from this, there were three other albums of Cranberries that featured on the top 20. In 1992, Noel Hogan with his band, The Cranberries came with their debut single, ‘Dreams’. The single ‘Dreams’ became so popular that it was used in multiple Hollywood films like ‘Mission Impossible, Mona Lisa Smile, and You’ve Got Mail. The biggest hit of the band came in the form of ‘Linger’ in 1993. The song stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 6 months. Linger was at number three in Ireland at that time and when Dolores was asked about the song, she revealed that the song was about her first kiss. The protest song, Zombie from the album No Need To Argue became hugely popular in 1994 and fetched Dolores the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Noel Hogan – the musician and his net worth

During the hiatus, Noel Hogan concentrated completely on his music. Noel Hogan collaborated with Matt Vaughan and worked on unreleased songs of the band. Some of them were Riordan’s solo material. The musician in him didn’t allow him to stay away from music and soon he formed a band called the Mono Band. Noel Hogan was the only member of the band. Richard Walters, Kate Havnevik, Alexandra Hamnede, and many others supported the Mono Band by lending their voices as vocalists. Richard Walters, once the Mono Band vocalist collaborated with Noel Hogan to form Arkitekt. The net worth of Noel Hogan is $18 million. He has worked hard as a musician to grow his net worth to that level. There were several independent works of Noel Hogan that was finally released under the Gohan Records, his own label. All these facts contributed to the total net worth that he has made for himself. Now that he has started traveling with his band once again worldwide, his net worth is about to take a huge leap in the near future.

Remembering an old band member

The untimely death of Dolores came as a huge blow to Noel Hogan. It was during that time that she sang a few of her self-composed songs. Her unmatched talent impressed the musician with Noel Hogan so much that he immediately roped in this talented young girl as the lead vocalist of their band Cranberries. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee was one of the songs where Noel Hogan and Dolores worked together in 2001. The song Wake Up and Smell the Coffee sold 170,000 copies in the US till 2007.

He’s fond of tattoos

Noel Hogan has got himself inked more than once. One of them shows the heart with a dagger and another one has the fingers crossed. Noel Hogan went to Allstar Ink Tattoo in Limerick, Ireland to get his new tattoo. This was the same place from where he has got himself a tattoo earlier. Marco C. Matarese posted a photo of him and Noel Hogan with the new tattoo designed by him.

Musician turned film composer

So, he was trying his hand everything related to music and he was pretty good at it, but film composing is a different ball game altogether. When you are talented nothing seems to be a bigger challenge and Noel Hogan has proved it all over again by composing for a short film titled ‘Date: Time’. It is under post production and the most interesting part of this film is that it’s a part of Film Limerick Trilogy. Noel Hogan is an amazingly talented musician who knows his job very well and has never ever failed to live up to the expectation of his fans.