Nick Goepper Wiki: Skier, Net Worth, Silver Medal And Facts To Know

From contemplating suicide to earning his Olympic Silver Medal, Nick Goepper the American skier is unstoppable. Read on to know more about his life and his net worth.

Everything You Need To Know About Nick Goepper

Nick Goepper, an American Freestyle skier and a two time Olympic Medalist, is looking forward to competing in the ‘2022 Bejing Winter Olympics’. Goepper goes by this philosophy:

“You can’t hang with chickens and expect to soar with eagles.”

Read on to know more about Nick Goepper.

Nick Goepper: Personal Life

Nicholas Charles Goepper, aged 23, was born on March 14, 1994. Nick Goepper was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was raised in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Goepper was born to Chris Goepper and Linda Goepper. He was the eldest of his three siblings, two sisters, and a brother. At the age of 15, Goepper went to school on a scholarship with trained professionals at ‘Windell’s Academy’ in Sandy, Oregon. Goepper completed his education at Westminister College, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Goepper discovered his love for the sport when he found he could go fast and do the jumps. His parents were the greatest influence on him for unearthing his passion for this sport. Goepper came out publicly as gay after his debut Olympic victory and currently there is no much information about his dating life.

Nick Goepper: Life As A Skier

From five years of age, Goepper has been skiing and by age 11, he started competing. Goepper won his first Gold Medal in Freestyle skiing at the ‘2013-14 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup’ in Cardrona, New Zealand. Goepper’s national coach is Mike Jankowski and personal skiing coach is Brad Prosser. His club name is ‘Hanley Consulting Inc’. The next biggest victory came along when Goepper qualified for the ‘2014 Winter Olympics’, even with a broken hand and no poles. Goepper, at the age of 19, earned his first Olympic Bronze Medal for Men’s ‘Slope Style’ at the ‘2014 Winter Olympics’ at Sochi, Russia. On his return from the glorious victory, Goepper was awarded the “Distinguished Hoosier Award” by former Indiana Governor Mike Pence. In 2018, Goepper had another remarkable victory to celebrate winning a Silver Medal in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games for Men’s ‘Slope Style’ in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Goepper was all draped up in the American Flag after his victory in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. You can check out his pictures on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Nick Goepper: Facts To Know

Read on to learn more interesting facts about Nick Goepper that you never knew before. 1. Goepper has revealed in his recent interview with ‘USA Today’ that he was a victim of anxiety and depression. After his glorious victory at 2014 Winter Olympics, he was on the dark side of his life, battling depression. After a huge success at a young age, it was hard for him to live up to the expectation which led to suicidal thoughts. Goepper was boozed up all time and was thinking of ending his life. He then found help through his parents and spent 60 days in a rehab center in Texas. 2. Goepper loves to read. He even plans on having a huge collection of his books in the new house that he plans on buying this year. He is passionate about knowing every other thing and not just being a skier. 3. After the 2014 Winter Olympics, Goepper celebrated the victory with his fans of New York. He was featured on the cereal box ‘Kellogg’s Corn Flakes’. 4. Goepper has raised funds for the non-profit organization “The Cure Starts Now Foundation”, that funds brain cancer research. 5. Goepper was charged with vandalism for throwing stones at cars and causing damage. It was in 2014 while he was struggling with his anxiety this incident took place. Goepper paid $8000 for all the damage that he caused and apologized for the mischief.

6. At the ’71’st Golden Globe Awards’ Goepper met Taylor Swift and asked her to be his Valentine, but she declined his offer. 7. With a dislocated left shoulder in February 2015, he returned to competition in January 2016, after only taking 5 months of rest after a surgery in July 2015. 8. Goepper loves surfing, skateboarding, and table tennis. He has also revealed how his hobbies are helpful in cross-training. 9. Goepper has won 3 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals in the ‘Winter X Games’ for ‘Slope Style’. 10. In 2014, Goepper and his Mother Linda Goepper appeared in the NBC televised series “How To Raise A Olympian” as a part of “Thank You, Mom” campaign sponsored by P&G.

Nick Goepper: Net Worth

Goepper’s net worth is still under review. His sponsors include RedBull, Volklskis, Powerbar, and Nike. Even an approximate value of his net worth is still unknown.

Nick Goepper is destined for greatness. Even at a very young age, Goepper was able to turn his suicidal thoughts into another Silver Medal in the Olympics. He is very much looking forward to competing in the 2022 Bejing Winter Olympics. Geopper is just another four years down the line for his next Gold Medal in the Olympics. You can always get his direct updates from his social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.