Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s 24th birthday! Know how this celebrated Irish singer and former ‘One Direction’ band member would celebrate it! And his career updates!

Irish singer and songwriter, Niall Horan is quite in the news these days! He has been riding on the success of his career. He has signed a recording deal with Capitol Records as a solo artist in 2016. 13 September 2017 is Niall Horan’s birthday. Niall will turn 24 years this year. wishes this young and talented singer a happy birthday and a long, healthy, and melodious life! On this great day for the musical star, let us take a look at his rising career and life till date!

Niall Horan’s music career

This sea blue-eyed boy was small when he started playing the guitar on his own. The guitar was actually a gift received by his older brother Greg for Christmas, but he did not play it. Niall started to play on it picking up some details from the YouTube. He also used to sing a bit. His aunt came to know about his hidden talent one day. In order to support the local football team, Niall had performed at the Mullingar Arts Center’s fundraising event. He also got an opportunity to play at the Academy Club in Dublin where X Factor contestant Lloyd Daniels had his performance.

Source: j-14 (Niall Horan performing)

While contesting in X Factor (2010), Niall Horan and English singers Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik were grouped into One Direction boy band for the competition and came third on the show. The band got signed by Simon Cowell for £2 million contract. In 2011, their first studio album Up All Night was released. It debuted at number one on US Billboard 200. Their second album (2012) named Take Me Home had an even better response. The music group did multiple well-received world tours. Their third, fourth and fifth albums were released in 2013, 2014, and 2015 respectively and all made a remarkable success. The band then decided to go into a hiatus.

Niall in the meantime signed with Capitol Records and released his two solo singles. He is working on his solo album and has said that it would be a ‘folk with a pop feel’ to it.

Where will Niall celebrate his birthday?

Niall Horan has already commenced his worldwide Flicker Sessions 2017 music tour in August 2017. He was in Australia in Sydney and had performed there at the Enmore Theatre on the 10th of this month. It was a wonderful presentation and live program. His next performance is on 14/9/2017 at Ex Theater, Tokyo, Japan. Niall Horan has already flown from Sydney to Tokyo and has been spotted at the Narita International airport, Tokyo.

Source: Daily Mail (Niall Horan at Tokyo airport)

So now that Niall is already in Japan and his next performance is after his birthday, it looks like Niall would be celebrating his birthday in the ultra modern cum traditional busy capital of Japan. Niall has not tweeted any of his birthday plans. But we hope that he has fun and does enjoy his 24th birthday!

‘I’m still single.’

Niall Horan had given a number of interviews during his Australian tour. On one of the shows, Niall did mention that though 1 D is in hiatus, the five band members do keep in touch with each other. Niall also expressed his concern about Harry Styles who was seen with a bandage around his right wrist. It was later known that that was due to a wrist surgery for probably a ‘tendon sheath inflammation (tenosynovitis)’ or a ‘ganglion cyst’, though the first diagnosis looks more likely by virtue of his musical profession.

On Nova FM, the host Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli asked him directly:

“Any ladies, still single?”

Niall responded:

“Yeah, still single.”

Source: Daily Mail (Niall and Melissa)

Niall has been said to be having some affinity for Australia. He loves the place and was also dating Sydney-based personal trainer Melissa Whitelaw. Last year, Katy Perry had said that Niall was trying to flirt with him during his 2016 Australian tour. Niall had responded on Channel Ten’s ‘The Project’ and said:

“Katy, please stop being mean to me!”

Hope this handsome hunk finds his love soon!