Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents: 5 Facts To Know About Robert & Kelly Brown

Millie Bobby Brown has taken the world by storm. Learn here about her parents, Kelly Brown and Robert Brown. They are her biggest fans!

Kelly Brown and Robert Brown

Kelly Brown and Robert Brown are the parents of the girl that everyone loves the most — Millie Bobby Brown. The British couple has four children: Paige, Charlie, Ava, and Millie (the third of the four children). Famous for playing the role of Eleven on “Stranger Things,” Millie Bobby Brown is still a 13-year-old girl with parents who try to help her maintain normalcy throughout the wild adventure of fame on which she has embarked.

1. Millie Bobby Brown was born in Spain

This worldly family has been all over. They gave birth to their daughter, Millie Bobby Brown, in Marbella, Spain in 2004. The family moved to England in 2008. In 2012, the family moved to Orlando, Florida. Millie began taking acting classes and was quickly noticed by an agent. The family then moved to Los Angeles, California in order to help Millie pursue her acting potential. Her parents and siblings have always been very supportive of their budding star.

2. Her parents knew she would always be a star

Randy Brown and Kelly Brown have always known their daughter would be a star. While her three siblings were watching typical children TV shows, Millie was watching musicals such as “Chicago.” She loved to sing and began doing so at a very young age. Millie has always had a knack for performing. By 2013, Millie landed her first role on a show by BBC America titled, “Intruders.” The new actress playing the role of Maddison O’Donnell.

3. The family struggled financially until Millie made it big

Before moving to Hollywood, the supportive parents had to sell many of their belongings in order to make things work in L.A. One of Millie’s sisters moved back to the UK because the stress of staying in America was too much. Before being cast on Stranger Things, the family had to move back to the UK for financial reasons. Finally, when Millie got the call about her part on Stranger Things, the family was able to move back to Los Angeles. That’s where the real adventure begins. After the success of Stranger Things, there were some rumors flying around while Millie was looking for new agents. It was reported that Robert Brown was seeking a $100,000 signing bonus for Millie to sign any contracts with agents. This is not a common practice in America. However, it is normal in the UK for athletes to receive signing bonuses when signing with agents, so she may have been confused or ill-informed. Ultimately, the family dropped the requirement for a signing bonus and Millie acquired an agent. Millie Bobby Brown now has a net worth of 3 million dollars. For “Stranger Things” season 2, Millie (and the other young boys of the cast) was paid around $30,000 per episode. Though it doesn’t compete with the seasoned stars of Hollywood, for a 13-year-old who comes from humble beginnings, this is just where the fun begins. Millie has a long career ahead of her and her net worth will only increase over time.

4. Kelly Brown did not want Millie to cut her hair for Stranger Things

When Millie got the part to play Eleven in “Stranger Things,” it was required that she cut her hair for the part. Much of Millie’s friends and family encouraged her not to cut her hair. Her mother was the most outspoken about it since she loved her daughter’s gorgeous head of long hair. Millie Bobby Brown totally rocks the pixie cut, and she encourages young girls who want to cut their hair to do so. She says that short hair is cool, and she is loving her look. She admits that she has been mistaken for a young boy. However, the actress embraces the confusion, with a silly alter-ego called John. The short hair paid off. Combined with her outstanding ability to evoke emotion, connection, and compassion in viewers, Millie won over the hearts of millions with the first season of “Stranger Things.” Her character spoke only 246 words during the first season, as her character did not speak much. Even with few lines, Millie’s performance made fans go wild. They have even tattooed portraits of her character, Eleven, on their arms. Season two of “Stranger Things” was released at the end of October. I certainly binge-watched the whole thing in a day. Didn’t you?

5. The parents try to keep life as normal as possible for Millie

Kelly Brown and Robert Brown have been supportive of this young actress since she sang her first song in her early youth. As Millie is only 13-years-old, the parents try to keep life at home as normal as possible. Millie can still get grounded, she still has chores. The young actress has responsibilities from her parents, just like any young teen has from their parents. Her acting career is just an added bonus, her dad has explained. Despite the fact that Millie had her first kiss on screen during “Stranger Things,” Millie really is a typical teenager. She raps along to Nick Minaj, she has a great sense of humor and loves to have fun, and boys get on her nerves sometimes.