Mike Pence Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The Vice President Of The United States

Mike Pence became the 48th Vice President of the United States of America. Let’s get to know the man behind the great Hill, his net worth, and more.

Vice President Mike Pence

Mr. Michael Richard Pence, now famously known as Vice President Mike Pence, is an Indiana native, born on June 7, 1959. Vice President Mike Pence spent his adult life working as a politician and graduated from Hanover College. Vice President Mike Pence later attended Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law where he earned a law degree and began working as a lawyer. During his career endeavors, Vice President Mike Pence met and married his wife Karen Pence in 1985. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence share three children and over three decades of marriage together.

Reaching New Heights with Vice President Pence

With a career that began as a lawyer in the legal industry, Mike Pence would later become one of the most conservative Vice Presidents to ever hold the position. It was in 1988, when Mike Pence made his first attempt at obtaining a political position as a United States congressman. After two failed attempts, Mike Pence moved on to the syndicated radio world. For five years, Mike Pence worked as a conservative radio and television show host until winning the position in Indiana’s second Congressional district in 2000. Mike Pence later held the position in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2001 until 2013. Mike Pence’s career as a politician continued to strengthen when he held the position of the chairman of the House Republican Conference during the years of 2009 until 2011. As he gained momentum in his career, Mike Pence later joined the newly formed Tea Party movement during the Obama administration. Mike Pence served as the 50th Governor of Indiana from the years 2013 through 2017. As a conservative serving the state of Indiana, Mike Pence’s biggest accomplishments was in the tax cut for Indiana and education initiatives taken in the state. However, on a more personal side, Mike Pence’s viewpoints includes restrictions on abortions, Mike Pence disagrees with marriage equality, and any conversations on racial disparities. With all the efforts made during his career, Mike Pence succeed alongside the Republican nominee Donald Trump to win the 2016 presidential election as Vice President.

Facts about Mike Pence: Age, Net Worth, and More

Vice President Mike Pence is second in command to a self-proclaimed multi-billionaire. Vice President Mike Pence has proven that it is not the monetary net worth of a man that makes him powerful, but his true beliefs and understandings that delivers his message and connects him with the people he is to lead.

Fun Facts: Mike Pence the Man

5. Mike Pence is 5’10”. 4. Mike Pence has a net worth of $2M of which the net worth of his Indiana pension is between $500K – $1M. 3. Mike Pence is the father of three children with his wife Karen Pence. 2. Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence has been married for 33 years. 1. Mike Pence held the position of Governor of Indiana prior to becoming the 48th Vice President of the United States of America.

Facts: Mike Pence the Politician

5. Vice President Mike Pence believes that the Disney movie “Mulan” is the work of mischievous liberals at Disney. All Disney fans know that the movie “Mulan” is about a young lady who poses as a man in order to fight in the military. Vice President Mike Pence stated his beliefs on the movie “Mulan” back in 1999 while working as a radio host. At the height of his career, Vice President Mike Pence felt that the movie “Mulan” would give young girls a misconception on their roles in marriage and as wives.

4. Vice President Mike Pence is anti-gay, anti-marriage equality, and anti-institutional racism acknowledgment. Vice President Mike Pence signed a religious freedom bill in his home state of Indiana which stood contrary to the actions that were being taken nationally concerning same-sex marriage. At a time when then, President Barack Obama was signing into law the acceptance of same-sex marriage, Mike Pence took to his background as a lawyer to establish a law that would cease the forward movement of marriage equality in Indiana. This law became one of the most talked about viewpoints of Mike Pence during the 2016 election.

3. Mike Pence is anti-Planned Parenthood and voted to stop the funding of the program. Many American citizens receive the benefits of Planned Parenthood throughout their lives, and while many are unaware of how old the program is, Mike Pence and his colleagues were unafraid when it came time to vote the program out. However, Planned Parenthood was established on October 16, 1916 (a program that is over 100 years old) and at it’s height brings benefits to millions of Americans.

2. Mike Pence is one of the political Twitter Kings. Mike Pence has three Twitter accounts, one Twitter account under his personal name, a second Twitter account under his Governor title, and a third Twitter account under his VP title. Twitter has been a platform which both the president and VP has used to communicate with the general public including their followers and those who oppose the leaders of the free world.

1. Second in command to President Trump. Of all his years as a lawyer and politician, none have been filled with so much controversy and drama as the years that Mike Pence has been in the shadow of President Donald Trump. Though his viewpoints are ultra-conservative, Mike Pence holds no bars to the level of problematic views that President Donald Trump expresses. From the outright racist comments, sexist viewpoints, and innapropriate sexual conduct allegations, Donald Trump is sure to gain some stability when asking his VP for support or his opinion on the many subjects brought to the public eye.

What’s Next on Capitol Hill

Vice President Mike Pence continues to work with President Donald Trump in order to stabilize the economy, settle party differences when the subject matter of immigration, public spending, and healthcare are brought to the table. With this new administration, Americans can settle their minds in understanding that a lesson is to be learned with the many controversies brought to Capitol Hill in the one year of their administration. As the voting class of America, citizens are realizing the effects that their decisions have when it comes to the handling of politics and emotions. And as the days come and go, the eyes of the world is on President Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence. Everyone is hoping that the general American public is on their minds when they are making the laws that affect the lives of everyone around them.