Michelle Cook Wiki: Everything To Know About David Letterman’s Wife

Michelle Cook and David Letterman started off as college friends and were married for 8 years. Get to know more about Letterman’s ex wife.

Michelle Cook – first wife of David Letterman

Michelle Cook was David Letterman’s college sweetheart. They got hitched in the year 1968 in Muncie, Indiana, but after 8 years of marital bliss, the couple decided to go their separate ways. In 1977, they got divorced. David Letterman rose to popularity with his show ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ during 1982. Later, he went on to host “The Late Show with David Letterman”.

Net worth

Not much is known about the net worth of Michelle Cook, but David Letterman is one hell of a rich man. His net worth is about $400 million.

Michelle Cook – the ex wife

Michelle Cook was one of the reasons why David Letterman moved to Los Angeles from Indiana. Cook along with few of Letterman’s friends encouraged him to try his luck in California. David Letterman packed his bag along with his the-then wife Michelle Cook and put it in his own pickup truck and landed in Los Angeles, California. Slowly, Letterman started performing comedy. Cook was a source of constant support during his struggling days. David Letterman concentrated on his comedy while working some odd jobs. Letterman wanted to make it big in the world of comedy. Apart from being Letterman’s ex wife, Cook has done pretty well for herself. David Letterman and Michelle Cook don’t have any children of their own. Cook also worked with Letterman in one of his earlier shows. Michelle Cook played a waitress in one of the audio skits of David Letterman. The name of the waitress that Cook played was Lila Whip.

Children and other info

David Letterman has a son, Harry Joseph Letterman, from Regina Lasko. But Michelle Cook and David Letterman didn’t have any children. Online photos of Michelle Cook are very rare. She has only one available photo with David Letterman. David Letterman had a fling with many women. Letterman was even accused of having extra-marital affair. There was a time when someone started blackmailing David Letterman and said that he will publish all the photos that he have of Letterman with other women. Though Michelle Cook has worked hard enough to gain a name for herself, but she is more famous as David Letterman’s ex-wife. When David Letterman became popular with his late night shows, everybody wanted to know about his personal life and that is how Michelle Cook hogged the limelight again as Letterman’s ex wife. Michelle Cook is almost of the same age as that of David Letterman being his college mate. The ex wife of Letterman is quite popular in her own right.