Michael Green Wiki: Net Worth, Blade Runner 2049, Logan & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Michael Green, the writer of several comic movies. Below are details about him including his overall net worth.

Who is Michael Green?

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Most people watch movies and care about the actors and actresses, but not the directors, producers, and writers. Did you know that the stories in your favorite movies wouldn’t be as great if it weren’t for the talented writers? I’m letting you know because I feel as though it’s time they got the credit they deserve for their work. For instance, you may have watched one or more of the following films: “Logan,” “Alien: Covenant,” “Blade Runner 2049,” and “Murder on the Orient Express.” They were among the best movies in 2017, and one writer, Michael Green single handedly wrote the screenplays for each and every one of these movies. So who exactly is Michael Green? Green is a writer and a producer and is best known for his talent with the written word. He wrote the the television adaption of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 award winning novel, “American Gods,” with the help of fellow writer Bryan Fuller. They were co-collaborators on the series until 2017 when both left the series for bigger and better things. Green is currently working on several other projects which could raise a good net worth in the very near future. Born and raised in Mamaroneck, New York, Green showed his creativity at a very young age. He studied and graduated from Stanford University before coming back to New York where he landed a job in junior development at HBO. Green would spend his workdays reading other writers’ scripts as he dreamed about writing one of his own. His first shot at TV writing came with the birth of a little show called “Sex and the City.” After “Sex and the City,” Green was writer on the the 2009 NBC series, “Kings.”

Facts About the Writer

He Grew up Reading Comics

When asked how he felt about working on the screenplay “Logan,” Green stated that just like many people, he grew up reading comics. “Logan” was a favorite character of his growing up which made it much easier to work on the film once Green was handed the script. His first invitation to work on a movie came from Jim Mangold who happened to be looking for someone to work with him on his next script, “Wolverine,” starring famous actor Hugh Jackman. Green took a deep breath, and according to him, he felt so excited because he had just landed one of his dream jobs. He accepted it right away because it was a job he had always wanted to work on.

Green is Nominated for Oscar 2018

One of the greatest surprises in this year’s Academy Awards was the recognition of “Logan” writers, Scott Frank and Michael Green. Mostly, it’s the actors and the directors that are recognized, but this time, the Academy Awards might have extended a leaf. Green wrote Logan in a completely different way.
We’re accustomed to superhero movies that have meandering monologues on heroism and arguments about how to prevent an apocalypse but this time Green decided to do things differently. Green did this by creating some tense exchanges between the good guys and bad guys while including some familiarity between old friends. The verbal efficiency is perhaps the reason why “Logan” and its writers were nominated for an Oscar 2018. Green and his partner Scott Frank were just validated for the amazing work they put into the script. They also broke a barrier for genre fiction and the nomination will have a positive impact on his growing net worth.

He Believes Marvel is Successful Because of the Stories in its Comics

Many studios around the world and property holders have witnessed Marvel grow and become one of the most successful staples the movie world has ever heard of. According to Green, everybody adores it and even though they try to replicate it, they always seem to fall short of it’s magic. For him, Marvel became what it is because it didn’t begin by building a universe. It started with a story worth telling and to this day it’s future seems to have no end in sight. Green continued to state that if a great story was directed well and performed well, it would become everyone’s sensation. However, if someone created a universe before creating a movie worth watching, there would be dragons. Green concluded that it was always about their story, and they make sure that their story is worth the title.

Green Admires Ridley Scott

Michael Green worked on “Alien: Covenant” before he got the opportunity to work on “Blade Runner 2049.” He stated that he got a lot of notes and comments at that moment from English film director Ridley Scott. Ridley Scott told Green that he liked his work and that he was impressed with his talent. In return, Green stated that Scott was a great guy to work with. Green and Scott made a great team and anytime they sketched something they saw it quickly come to life. One of the biggest projects the two developed just happens to be the movie “Alien.”

He is the Writer of 2017’s Best Comic Movie

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Michael Green is now the most popular writer in Hollywood. He used to read scripts when he was just starting out and as he finished each one he would put the script in one of two separate piles. On one pile, Green would put scripts that he thought were better than his while on the other pile he would place the scripts he thought were worse than his. That’s just one of the ways Green has become so good at what he does. Over 20 years after the start of his career, 44-year-old Green became so good at what it he does that it finally began to show on the streets of Hollywood. It’s evident in movies such as “Logan,” “Blade Runner 2049,” “Alien: Covenant,” “Murder on the Orient Express,” and the TV show, “American Gods.” All these movies were box office hits in 2017.

His Net Worth

Green has a net worth of around $19 million, all from being a writer. It surely pays well, doesn’t it?

Michael Green is undoubtedly one of the greatest writers in the industry, and when you make it in Hollywood, the whole world knows it.