Meet Josh Latin, the new boyfriend of Rose McGowan and know about his career and personal life!

Josh Latin and Rose

RoseJosh Latin is an upcoming name in the field of music. He is the boyfriend of Rose McGowan. Some people know him as Jordy Asher while for some he is just Boots. He has not been much in the limelight like his girlfriend Rose.

We shall today try to put the pieces together and know about Josh Latin a little more in-depth!

Josh Latin age, homeless and his days before his fame

Josh Latin is from Miami, Florida. He comes from a very humble background and for a few years was homeless. He has spent his teenage days and also his early twenty’s in his Chevrolet Gladiator. Those days were hard and tough for him and he had also faced the law. He has also spent days on South Florida Street.

Source: Long room (Josh and Rose)

As regards his date of birth, nothing is known. He is said to be in his 30s. His birthplace most probably in Miami where he was raised as well. There is no data available about his parents, siblings, and other family members. Details about his schooling and college days are also amiss. He probably had an interest in music from his young days.

Josh Latin career in music

Josh Latin started doing music when young. He soon became a singer, songwriter, record producer, and rapper. He has good vocals and also is good with words. His song lyrics are fantastic. He can play the musical instruments with ease. He knows how to play guitar, bass guitar, piano, percussion drums, keyboards, and synthesizer.

Source: fameflynet pictures (Josh and Rose)

He co-wrote and produced the self-titled album of Beyonce in the year 2013. Almost 80% of the songs in the album were written by Josh. He has also released his single solo album called Aquaria in November 2015.

He had fronted a number of local bands in Miami before relocating to New York and making music with Beyonce and Jay-Z.  His band The Blonds had some success.

His career in music and recording has helped him earn decent money and now his net worth is said to be around $ 14.6 million.

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Josh Latin relationship with Rose McGowan and previous relationship

Source: Daily Mail (Josh and Rose)

Josh and Rose have been dating for some time now but they neither confirmed nor denied their relationship. People had suspected that there was more than friendship between them but they did not make any official announcement or statement on it.

It was Rose McGowan who took to her Instagram to confirm her relationship with Josh Latin. Josh usually does not like to use social media much but he confirmed too that he was dating Rose McGowan. Rose, 43 had uploaded a picture of the two in a topless embrace. She captioned this photo as:

“My merman @Boots # Latinfire.”

Source: Daily Mail (Josh and Rose)

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Josh posted a picture of Rose in her Halloween costume and wrote beneath:

“here’s real mermaid proof. #right”.

Rose was married before to artist Davey Detail, 33 but the couple has split. Their marriage had lasted for less than 3 years. She was in a relationship with director Robert Rodriquez for two years but there was splitsville in 2009. They were engaged too but the engagement was called off. Her most famous relationship was with Marilyn Manson to whom she was engaged for nearly 4 years before they decided to split in 2001.

Source: Pendagossips (Josh and Rose)

Josh and Rose make a cute pair and are spotted in outings and for dinners together.

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Josh Latin and Rose breakup

Josh and Rose have broken up!

Currently, Rose has started to date non-binary gender model Rain Dove. The two were seen at Central Park in July 2018.

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