Meet Brazilian popular YouTuber Felipe Neto’s girlfriend! And know about his childhood, family, career, and relationship!

Felipe Neto

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Felipe Neto’s humble life start, birth, age, brother, and odd jobs

Brazilian YouTuber and comedian Felipe Neto was born on 21st January 1988 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was raised in the neighborhood of Engenho Novo. He has a brother called Luccas Neto who is also a YouTuber. Felipe Neto comes from a very humble background. He started to do odd jobs since he was 13 years old.

He first worked in a store that dealt in trading of metal items to street vendors. After a year, he started his own business of ‘telemensagem’ or paging. However, it did not pick up and he had to soon close it down. Along with his work, Felipe Neto also took theater classes and performed in some shows. Felipe Neto’s parents are very supportive of all his ventures and that motivates him to do more.

Source: Quem Viu View (Luccas and Felipe Neto)

Felipe Neto’s online career kicks off

In 2010, Felipe Neto created his own YouTube channel and named it as ‘Do Not make sense’. His first videos were targeted at celebrities, movies, and people and were presented in a comical way. He used to do criticisms and humorously discuss the pitfalls of the roles, acting, storylines, plots etc.

He also used to post videos related to his daily activities and life. These videos were liked by people and they soon became viral. He started gaining subscribers and publicity. His opinions on the stereotypes shown in the films of today were particularly liked by his viewers.

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He also took up jobs in advertising campaigns and worked as an advertising boy for some popular brands. He also started a show on Brazil TV called as ‘Será Que Faz Sentido?’ (Does it Make Sense?). In 2011, he co-hosted a short program on sports on TV where there was mocking of the sports world.

Source: YouTube (Felipe Neto)

He also launched another show on MultiShow channel called ‘Até que Faz Sentido (It Does Make Sense!)’ in which people’s opinion on traffic, goods, consumerism etc. By mid-2012, his YouTube channel hit the 1 million mark. In 2013, he started the web series A Toca for Netflix.

In 2014, he did a three-week course for entrepreneurs at Harvard University. He also commenced work on his show ‘My Life does not make sense’ for Netflix. He also did more web series.

In 2011, Felipe Neto founded the ‘Paramaker Network’. It was the first Network Company of Brazilian YouTubers and its main aim was to professionalize the online industry. He also was honored to be signed by US Maker Studios in 2012.

His YouTube channel has now reached more than 13 million subscribers and more than 1.2 billion total views. Felipe Neto also penned his autobiographical book called as ‘Não Faz Sentido! – Por Trás da Câmera’ which was published in 2013.

In 2017, Felipe Neto also got the privilege to make a video with the Stellar K-pop members. The South Korean members can be seen having a gala time on his show.

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Last year, Felipe Neto had commented on the stance taken by singer MC Biel when a reporter accused him of sexual harassment. Felipe had later stated that the singer had threatened him with dire consequences and that he is afraid of him.

Felipe Neto’s relationship, girlfriend

In response to the requests by his fans to make a video of his girlfriend, Felipe had posted a video with Bruna Gomes. He said that he was a very reserved person and would only stick to showing the basics on the video. The two had met on Snapchat.

Felipe had initial fears about this relationship. He said:

“She was 18 when we met and I was already 26. A difference in age, distance and the fact that I had left a long relationship made us not work.”

The two then go on to discuss how they overcame all their fears and are now in a very loving relationship!

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Felipe Neto recent video

Neto uploaded a video on his youtube channel titled “A GI NÃO É MAIS LOUCA!” which translates to “GI IS NOT CRAZY!”.

Watch the video below:

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