Matt Roth Wiki: Everything To Know About Laurie Metcalf’s Ex Husband

Matt Roth is the handsome ex husband of the hit Hollywood star, Laurie Metcalf. Matt Roth has been acting for over twenty years, and he gets better with age.

Who is Matt Roth?

Matt Roth is an American actor best known for his role on “Rosanne”. Roth is also known as a recurring character on “Desperate Housewives”. Matt Roth has had a love of acting since a young age, and he got his start when he rose to fame on “Rosanne”. Matt Roth starred in movies throughout the 90s all the way to today. Many films have featured Matt Roth strutting his stuff on the big screen. Matt Roth was featured in the TV show “Crisis Center” in 1997. Roth enjoyed his time on the set of “Crisis Center,” in which he played Dr. Rick Buckley in the hit drama television series.

Matt Roth: The Ex Husband of Laurie Metcalf

Matt Roth and Laurie Metcalf were married in 1993. Roth was so happy when he met Laurie Metcalf that year while they were both acting on the hit television show “Rosanne”. Matt Roth became a dad when he and Laurie Metcalf welcomed two children together and adopted another one. In 1993, Matt Roth and Laurie Metcalf had their first child, a son named Will. It wasn’t until 2005 when Roth and Metcalf welcomed their second child, a daughter, Mae. After fostering their third child in 2006, Matt Roth, the eventual ex husband of Laurie Metcalf, adopted Donovan. Matt Roth worked on more projects with Laurie Metcalf than the one television show where they met. In 1995, the eventual ex husband, Matt Roth, and his then-wife, Laurie Metcalf, worked on the movie “Blink” together. “Blink” was a movie released in 1994 which left audiences on the edge of their seats. Matt Roth had no idea that someday he would be Laurie Metcalf’s ex husband. When Laurie Metcalf and Matt Roth worked together, Matt Roth was only at the beginning of his career. Matt Roth and Laurie Metcalf also worked together on Desperate Housewives. Both Metcalf and Roth had recurring roles in “Desperate Housewives”.

Who is Laurie Metcalf?

Laurie Metcalf was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the new movie “Lady Bird”. Her ex husband Matt Roth is sure to proud. In “Lady Bird” Laurie Metcalf plays Marion McPherson, the mother of the main character. Her Golden Globe nomination comes as no surprise, as her performance in the movie was memorable. Matt Roth is sure to be watching from the sidelines. Matt Roth is not the only ex husband of Laurie Metcalf. Her first ex husband came when she divorced Jeff Perry in 1992, just one year before she met her second ex husband, Matt Roth. Laurie Metcalf has a net worth of 8 million dollars, which is a net worth that is sure to keep her living a luxurious lifestyle.

Matt Roth and Laurie Metcalf: A Love Not Built to Last

Laurie Metcalf and Matt Roth had a good marriage. The now ex husband is still living a happy life. Matt Roth and Laurie Metcalf had a good relationship while they were together, and Roth still plays a role in the family life he and Metcalf once created.