Matt Damon Wiki: Net Worth, Movies & Facts To Know

Matt Damon is an actor, scriptwriter, producer and a philanthropist. Below is some information about the actor, including his net worth.

Academy award winning actor Matt Damon

You are perhaps in love with Matt Damon not only because of his performance and acting skills but also for the heart he has for humanity. Damon is known for movies like “Jason Bourne,” “Good Will Hunting,” “The Bourne Identity,” “The Great Wall,” and many more. Damon is one of the most successful actors and it’s like he normally has a magic hand because every movie that he gets a role in shines and ranks high on the box office. But maybe you don’t know much about Matt Damon. Matt Damon is an actor, scriptwriter, producer and philanthropist. Damon was born in Cambridge, and his father, Telfer Damon is a stockbroker while his mother Carlsson-Paige is a professor at Lesley University. Damon has a mixture of English, Scottish, Finnish and Swedish roots. He has an older brother who he moved with to Newton where Damon and the rest of the family stayed for two years. It seems Hollywood celebrities learn that marriages don’t work from their parents. Damon’s parents divorced when he was just two years old and Damon, his mother, and brother went back to Cambridge. Damon was a lonely teenager, a life he didn’t want, but that’s how his mother wanted him to live. Damon said that her mother had a different approach to child-rearing and he had a hard time trying to define self-identity. Damon studied at Cambridge Alternative School and then moved to Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. The actor first showcased his acting skills when he was in high school. Damon said that he owed his dramas teacher, Gerry Speca. Ben Affleck, Damon’s friend, was with him in the same school. Damon was at Harvard University, but he left before attaining a degree to take a lead role in “Geronimo.”

Damon as Will Hunting

One of the best movies that Damon stars is “Good Will Hunting,” a 1997 movie directed by Gus Van Sant. Alongside Matt Damon, the movie also stars Robin Williams and his friend Ben Affleck. The movie was written by both Damon and Affleck. The movie tells the story of a South Boston laborer called Will Hunting who is a genius. Will becomes a client of a therapist after he assaults and a police officer and gets prosecuted. Matt Damon acts as Will Hunting. “Good Will Hunting” received positive reviews from critics. It was also a financial success. Damon’s performance was praised and it seems he was paid well for the role. His net worth continued growing.

The role of Jason Bourne

Matt Damon has the luck for getting the lead roles. Damon features in “The Bourne Identity”. The 2002 movie was directed by Doug Liman and is based on a novel by Robert Ludlum with the same title. Damon stars as Jason Bourne, a man who suffers memory loss but tries to discover his true identity even though there is a clandestine conspiracy within the CIA. “The Bourne Identity” was the first of its film series. Just like any other movie starring Damon, “The Bourne Identity” was a major success. Damon’s net worth continued to grow.

Damon as The Martian

Another movie that Damon stars in is the 2015 film, “The Martian”. The movie was directed by Ridley Scott and is based on the same-titled novel by Andy Weir. Matt Damon depicts Mark Watney, a botanist and he is part of the Ares III. He is presumed dead after a violent storm hits them on Mars. What follows, Watney (Damon) uses his knowledge and wit to survive under the terrible conditions until he is rescued. “The Martian” was one of the top-grossing ones in 2015 and Damon got some awards for his admirable performance.

Resuming his role as Jason Bourne

Damon has featured in almost all “Bourne Identity” film series including “Jason Bourne.” The movie was directed by Paul Greengrass and premiered in 2016 as the fifth installment. Damon resumes the role as a former CIA assassin and amnesiac Jason Bourne. Bourne(Damon) is still on the run from CIA hit men while trying to uncover the hidden truth about his dad. Just like the other series, the movie did well on box office, and Damon was widely praised for his fantastic performance. Damon’s net worth was still growing from all those roles he was getting.

Damon in China

Another 2016 movie that Damon stars is “The Great Wall.” The movie was directed by Zhang Yimou. Alongside Matt Damon, the film stars Jing Tian and Pedro Pascal. Matt Damon plays William Garin, a European mercenary. William(Damon) and 19 other mercenaries travel to China to search the secret of gunpowder. “The Great Wall” received mixed reviews and was quite successful. However, Damon’s role was praised. The movie role helped Damon’s net worth grow.

His cameo in Ocean’s 8

Damon makes a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie, “Ocean’s 8.” Gary Ross directed the movie and it’s an all-female soft reboot. The actor appeared on “Ocean’s Trilogy,” but he recently revealed that he will appear in “Ocean’s 8” alongside Carl Reiner.

His net worth

Damon is a philanthropist and ambassador of a non-profit foundation called ONE X ONE. His primary goal is to ensure people around the world have access to clean water. Damon has a net worth of $160 million. The actor’s net worth is payment from his roles and endorsement deals. As a kind family man, some of his money goes to Charity.

People will never get tired of watching Damon in movies. He is one of those actors that appear in top grossing films. Damon also has the heart for Africa and campaigns to eradicate poverty and preventable diseases in developing countries. Damon’s fans hope that he will give them something new in 2018.