Matt Czuchry Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Actor

Matt Czuchry is currently starring in The Resident. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the actor, including his net worth and more.

Matt Czuchry Wiki: Net Worth, TV Shows And More

Know About TV Show Actor ‘Gilmore Girls’

Matt Czuchry is an American actor, widely recognized for his roles of Logan Huntzberger in TV show “Gilmore Girls” and Cary Agos on “The Good Wife.” Czuchry is a beloved television actor, with multiple appearances on popular TV shows under his belt. He’s currently starring in the new, highly anticipated medical drama “The Resident”. While acting is his primary focus, Czuchry is also a published author. In 2012 he published a nonfiction book alongside his brother titled “Brothers on Life”. Czuchry has been working in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades and has a net worth of 3 million dollars.

Early Career

Czuchry only took a single theater class when he was in college, and his professor was so impressed by his natural talent that he encouraged him to change his major to drama. While Czuchry didn’t take the advice and stuck with his major, he did catch the acting bug and pursued a career in the field after graduation. In 2000 Czuchry got his first taste of the acting world, landing bit parts in popular teen dramas. He’d go on to appear in numerous TV shows throughout the early 2000’s, including “Freaks and Geeks”, “The Practice” and “7th Heaven”. Czuchry’s first starring role came in 2003, when he joined the cast of the short-lived cop drama “Hack” for the show’s second season. Czuchry’s efforts in his early career may not have made him a household name, but it did lead to his breakout role and a big jump in net worth.

Gilmore Girls

Easily his most recognizable role, Czuchry is still seen today as Rory’s college boyfriend Logan from TV show “Gilmore Girls”. His role as the rich party boy Logan Huntzberger introduced him to fangirls everywhere, and suddenly Czuchry had officially made it. He started out as a recurring character in the show’s fifth season, but went on to become a main player for the show’s last two seasons and in the Netflix revival “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”. Czuchry made bad boy Logan, who was extremely wealthy and the opposite of everything Rory wanted in life, so charming you couldn’t help but root for the couple to get together. There are tons of dedicated fans who proudly call themselves ‘Team Logan’ in support of both Czuchry and his character. He’s had plenty of work since his time on the show, but Czuchry is appreciative of the doors that “Gilmore Girls” opened for him. Czuchry’s happy to talk to fans of the show and grateful for the support he’s been given from both his own fans and the show’s. Czuchry has no issue still being seen as Logan, because the character was such a big part of his success story.

Film And Theater Work

Czuchry really shines on the small screen, one of this generation’s greatest television actors, but he’s made his fair share of films as well. His most notable movies were the horror comedy “Eight Legged Freaks” and the independent comedy “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”. Czuchry played a supporting role in “Eight Legged Freaks”, the only movie he’s appeared in to receive a theatrical release, but unfortunately it wasn’t a box office hit. Czuchry has also dabbled in theater work. In 2007 he performed opposite Christine Lahti in the critically acclaimed play “Third”. The production was a limited engagement, only running for a few months at a playhouse in Los Angeles, but long enough for audiences to be blown away by Czuchry’s talents. Czuchry held his own against the veteran actress, despite not having many theater acting credits to his name.

The Good Wife

It only took two years after the end of “Gilmore Girls” for Czuchry to land another huge role. From 2009-2016 he played Cary Agos in the critically acclaimed legal drama “The Good Wife”. The successful series was a huge hit with both audiences and even the harshest of critics, praised for its ability to include serial plots as well as procedural story lines throughout their seasons. “The Good Wife” was nominated for more than one hundred awards over the course of seven seasons, including nominations at the Primetime Emmy’s and Golden Globes. While Czuchry never earned himself an award for lead or supporting actor, he was included in the show’s Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble awards. Most Czuchry fans feel like the actor was robbed, and deserved to receive nominations of his own for his incredible work on the series. Czuchry’s modest net worth and the fact that he got his start on a teen drama probably had something to do with his lack of nominations. Thankfully Czuchry has another opportunity to earn himself some much needed recognition in his new TV show.

The Resident And Czuchry’s Future

Czuchry remains a tremendous talent in the world of television and already has a new show attracting viewers. He’s starring as Dr. Conrad Hawkins in Fox’s newest medical drama “The Resident” which just premiered on January 21st this year. “The Resident” is already being reviewed as something fresh and exciting in a genre that’s in desperate need of something new. If the show’s premiere is any indication of the rest of the season, Fox has a new hit on their hands with “The Resident”. With Czuchry playing the lead role, this is truly his time to shine, and he might finally get the praise he deserves. Czuchry has no other known projects at this time, instead focusing all his energy on his new series. He’s shown interest in writing again after the soul searching he did with “Brothers on Life”, but isn’t currently working on anything at the moment. Good luck to Czuchry on his new show, let’s hope he’s got another hit on his hands!