Mark Salling Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, Death, ‘Glee’ And Facts You Need To Know

Mark Salling was best known for his role on the hit show ‘Glee.’ Here’s everything to know about the late actor, including movies, his overall net worth and more.

Mark Salling Wiki

Movie, Net Worth, Death, ‘Glee’ And Facts To Know

Mark Salling was an American actor and musician best known for playing Puck on the hit musical series ‘Glee.’ Salling starred on the series for the first four seasons and guest starred numerous times throughout the final two. Salling’s ability to tackle songs from an array of genres, singing everything from country to classic rock, made him a constant presence in musical numbers. Thought of as one of the most well developed and interesting characters on the show, Salling’s character Puck was a fan favorite. Salling played a bad boy with a heart of gold. Most of Salling’s net worth throughout his career came from his work on ‘Glee.’ Unfortunately at the time of Salling’s death he didn’t have much to his name; Salling’s reported net worth was a measly $100 thousand dollars.

Life as a Musician

Before getting the break of a lifetime, Salling was a very dedicated musician. Music was always his biggest dream, so after appearing in the film ‘The Graveyard.’ Salling put all his focus on his music career and much as he loved acting, Salling’s heart always lied with music. Salling was well-versed in multiple instruments; he could play guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums. He released two albums under his own record label, where each song was composed, performed and produced by Salling himself. His second album ‘Pipe Dreams’ made it onto the US music charts, much to Salling’s enjoyment and surprise. Music was a labor of love for Salling and he always put everything he had into it. While working on his career, he gave guitar lessons to earn a living. He was often seen in Instagram videos strumming his guitar or experimenting on his keyboard. During the first season of ‘Glee’ Salling wrote a song called ‘Chillin’ on Glee’ and shot a video that featured his co-stars.


Salling Becomes a Superstar

Salling’s entire world changed when he landed the role of Noah Puckerman in the musical comedy ‘Glee’. ‘Glee’ became an instant phenomenon once the pilot debuted, and the stars of the series were launched directly into the spotlight, Salling included. The series was praised for the talented cast who performed amazing cover songs all while tackling real world issues week after week. In 2011, after the first season aired, ‘Glee Encore’ was released on DVD. ‘Glee Encore’ was a collection of the most magnificent musical numbers from season one. There were quite a few of Salling’s numbers included on the compilation, most notably his rendition of ”
‘Sweet Caroline’. Salling’s version of ‘Sweet Caroline’ was praised heavily, so much so he was invited to perform the song at Fenway Park. Salling won the hearts of teenagers everywhere with his mohawk and smooth vocals, gaining a large fan following during the show’s run. Salling’s character was someone you loved to hate, but always rooted for in the end. Throughout the course of the show, Salling’s character Puck grew into one of the most mature and thoughtful members of the Glee Club. Becoming a teenage father and learning to curb his destructive bad boy ways helped Puck grow into a man, and Salling depicted the journey wonderfully. The massive success of ‘Glee’ led to countless soundtracks, tours, video games and a feature length film. ‘Glee: The 3D Concert Movie’ was a huge hit in theaters and devoted fans who couldn’t see the cast when they performed live got the chance to witness it on the silver screen instead. Salling came alive on the big screen just like he did on the series. ‘Glee’ will forever be known as one of the most iconic television shows of this generation, and Salling is a huge part of its success.

Film Career

Salling on the Big Screen

Salling didn’t have a very prominent film career, only appearing in a handful of movies throughout his life. Salling’s biggest movie was ‘Glee: The 3D Concert Movie’ where he played his role from the television series. In addition to the musical film, Salling appeared in two direct to video movies. His first taste of the acting world came in 1996, where a fourteen year old Salling starred in ‘Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering.’ Ten years later he was cast in the independent horror movie ‘The Graveyard.’ Salling’s success in “Glee” led to a starring role in a television film entitled “Rocky Road” in 2014. It was the last project Salling worked on before his death. Salling was set to appear in the film “Gods and Secrets” in 2016, but his criminal charges led to him being dropped from the film.


Mark Salling Commits Suicide

Salling passed away at the age of thirty-five on January 30th 2018. He was found dead after an apparent suicide in Los Angeles, hours after being reported missing. He commited suicide by hanging. The announcement of Salling’s death came in the wake of a series of legal issues. Salling plead guilty to the possession of child pornography in late 2017 and was rumored to face four to seven years in prison for his crimes. It’s believed that Salling’s guilt because of his wrongdoings are what led to him turning to suicide, desperate for an escape. Salling lost his best friend and ‘Glee’ co-star Cory Monteith in the summer of 2013, something that deeply affected the young actor. Fans of Salling think he hasn’t been right since losing someone so close to him, and that his crimes, as well as his suicide, were a direct result of being unable to cope with the loss.

Remembering Mark Salling

Mark Salling was a talented actor and musician, who’s destined to be remembered for the things he brought into the world, despite the demons he carried. Salling’s inability to cope and handle his problems both mentally and emotionally led to his demise, and should be seen as a lesson for all. Salling, at one point in time, was important to so many young artists and fans live’s. He will forever live on in their hearts as they carry on Salling’s memory. While his actions shouldn’t be celebrated or excused, the positive aspects of Salling’s life and joy he brought to others should be remembered. Rest in Peace, Mark Salling.