Mark Orchard Wiki: Everything To Know About Savannah Guthrie’s Ex Husband

Mark Orchard had a successful careers as a footballer and is now living out his passions. Here are some facts about Savannah Guthrie’s ex husband.

Mark Orchard: Footballer

Mark Orchard is the famous Irish footballer who spent more than 15 years perfecting his sport. Mark Orchard was born on April 2, 1976, and is known for playing with Collingwood Football Club and the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League. Mark Orchard is originally from East Ballard and was known as a champion runner at his high school. Mark Orchard began his career at the St Patricks College, where his athletic skills landed him in the Australian Collingwood Football Club. Mark Orchard then went to play for Sydney, to later return to his first team at Collingwood. Upon retirement, Mark Orchard returned to his hometown to work with horses in Ballard.

Savannah Guthrie’s Ex Husband

Mark Orchard had been married once prior to meeting Savannah Guthrie. Orchard and Guthrie were married in 2005 after a few months of dating. Mark Orchard and Savannah Guthrie spent four years in their marriage prior to filing for divorce. After the divorce, Savannah Guthrie had a few interviews regarding her ex husband Mark Orchard and claimed she was very much in love with him and only wanted a family with her. Mark Orchard has kept his personal life private over the ages. Currently, there is no further information on him regarding an active intimate lifestyle.

Career & Net Worth

Mark Orchard started his career at a local Catholic junior club in Ballard when he was inducted into the 1994 AFL Draft. Orchard began his career with Collingwood and he played six times in his first two seasons. Mark Orchard was then passed to the Sydney Swans where he played a total of 41 games for Sydney. In Orchards’ first year with the Sydney Swans, he played a total of 19 rounds in the 1997 AFL season. Mark Orchard continued his career with Sydney in the 1998 season, playing a total of 21 games. Orchard once again found himself in his home team of Collingwood during the 1998 AFL Draft. In 1999, Mark Orchard played a total of 15 games and had to end his season participation early due to a torn hamstring. However, after recovering, Mark Orchard returned in 2000 to play a total of 18 games with Collingwood. Over the span of his career, Mark Orchard created a great net worth through his sportsmanship. As of 2017, Mark Orchard was said to have a monetary net worth of $3M obtained during his busy athletic career.

A Private Life

Since his retirement, Mark Orchard returned to his hometown in Ballard. Mark Orchard has acquired a passion for horses and spends his days caring for and raising his beloved horses.