Mark Bridges Wiki: Costume Designer, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, ‘The Artist’ and Facts To Know About his Overall Net Worth

Get to know more about the costume designer, Mark Bridges who worked on ‘Phantom Thread’s’ costumes. Below you will also find out about his overall net worth.

Who is Mark Bridges?

If you haven’t watched ‘Phantom Thread,’ what are you waiting for? You need to catch up with the movie and watch Daniel Day-Lewis do his thing. This American drama was directed by Paul Anderson and set in London’s couture world in the 1950’s. The movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the couturier living with his sister played by Lesley Manville. The director certainly couldn’t make this movie alone which meant it had to be a team effort. He had the help of his crew including costume designer Mark Bridges who helped make the film what it is today. Mark Bridges is an American costume designer who was born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York. He is a bachelor of arts holder form Stony Brook University and also holds a master’s degree of fine arts in costume design from New York University. In February 2012, Bridges received an Oscar for being the best costume designer in “The Artist.” Bridges also won a BAFTA award the same month and year he got an Oscar. The costume designer has received other credits for the films like “Jason Bourne,” “Inherent Vice,” “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and “Boogie Nights” and made a good net worth from that. He was overjoyed after he heart that “Phantom Thread” had been nominated for Oscar 2018 in six categories.

He Might Scoop his Second Oscar as a Costume Designer

When he heard the news that ‘Phantom Thread’ received six Oscar 2018 nominations, he was both delighted and thrilled to be in the company of his fellow costume designers. He’s excited that he was nominated and he certainly hopes he’ll win something. The film centers on a couturier who falls in love with a mysterious young woman who works as a waitress. The couple tries to keep the affection they have for one another a secret despite their distance and struggle to live with each other’s flaws and differences. Bridges was excited to have the opportunity to create pretty dresses and illustrate the inner lives of the characters with what they wear. However, this was no ordinary film that Bridges was working on at the time and it looks nothing like the films he has worked on in the past. For Bridges, however, this is what enjoys doing for a living and let’s face it, he’s pretty good at what he does.

There are no Movies Based on Fashion

The number of films about fashion are few and far between. Furthermore, there are very films about couture and that’s because of the intense work that goes into turning out custom-made fashion for the wealthy. ‘Phantom Thread’ showed what it takes to turn out designer gowns beginning with the measurements, creating the patterns and then sewing the dresses, themselves. Couture is generally sewn by hand and that’s exactly what Bridges does. He wouldn’t be so perfect if he hadn’t studied costume design and learned about some of the early fashion designers like Norman Hartnell and Spanish innovator, Cristobal Balenciaga. The ill-fated Charles James also influenced Bridges work on ‘Phantom Thread’s’ costumes. James, the role model of Bridges, sold his high-end gowns to the rich in the 1950’s but his erratic feuds and complicated personal life brought his empire down. However, he is partly the reason why Bridges was nominated for an Oscar 2018.

Facts About the Costume Designer

He Keeps in Mind how Things are Going to Photograph

Bridges said that he didn’t love how the color black photographed and there were not a ton of black gowns in the film because he kept in mind how things would photograph during the film. The only thing that was black was the tuxedo Daniel Day-Lewis wore and the costume designer wanted it to be midnight blue, but at the end, they settled on black. Bridges compared himself with a cinema costume designer who checks how things photograph. He added that he also tries to use fabrics that were realistic at the time and some of them were sourced from Italy, others from America and some from London. Bridges was hoping to get all those fabrics which were used in the 1950’s.

Mark Bridges Named some of the Designers he Looked up to in the Film

Mark Bridges used some of the fashion designers who inspired him including Balenciaga and Givenchy. Woodcock is fictional, but he resembles Charles James. Bridges also stated that James was more was an architect but he did some fashion design as well. That’s why he didn’t name Woodcock ‘Charles James.’ Balenciaga is like a magician in the fashion world and did the British version of what Woodcock does. But he is pretty different from others like French contemporaries.

A dress that with a Rolled up Collar

There are a lot of costumes which play a part in the movie including a dress that has a rolled up collar.It’s a green dress in worn by the character of Rose. Bridges got the fabric from Italy when he saw it and thought the wealthy women would love it. He also thought it would be great for an American heiress. The costume designer was also aware that the audience would see the inside, so he added a multicolored petticoat to the inside of the dress.

His Net Worth

According to Net Worth Post, Mark Bridges has a net worth of $17 million. He has built his net worth from being a costume designer.

He has won it before and hopefully, Bridges will win the Oscar 2018 award. Everyone is looking forward to that. Congratulations are in waiting!