Marilou York Wiki: 4 Facts To Know About Mark Hamill’s Wife

Marilou York Hamill is the wife of film and voice star Mark Hamill. Check out this article to learn 4 facts about her life as the wife of the Joker!

Who is Marilou York?

Marilou York Hamill is living proof that even Hollywood love can stand the test of time, and that fairytales do indeed come true. Born in September of 1955, York has led a life of simplicity with a focus on her family. York, who is now in her early 60s is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother to her husband Mark Hamill, their children and the entire Hamill family.

Let’s Look at the Life of Marilou York

She’s Mark Hamill’s Wife

When Marilou York met Mark Hamill, she wasn’t a member of the Hollywood life. Yet, after less than a year of dating the couple married and York became Mark Hamill’s wife in December of 1978 at the young age of 23. At that time, Hamill had won his chance to star in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker and was working on the film when he and York conceived their first child. This didn’t stop York from being by Hamill’s side. York traveled with Hamill to the set of his move and gave birth to their first son during the production of this film. Within the many years of her marriage to Hamill, York has often traveled with her husband, even when she was pregnant with their children. York and Hamill’s devotion to one another has always taken center stage and continues to do so many years later. York and Hamill have kept their love alive over the years by being engrossed in each other’s work and keeping their family first. York and Hamill have been married for almost 40 years and not once has there been any reports of a scandal, divorce, or controversy about their marriage, children or family as a whole. This is an amazing testimony to their love, commitment and devotion to one another. Through their life’s work, the couple’s net worth is said reported to be around $6 million. Of that net worth, the majority of their earnings have come from Hamill’s work in the film industry. Mark Hamill and his wife Marilou York also work diligently to support causes that they believe in and both York and Hill are avid supporters of the Democratic Party.

Hamill continues to amaze Star Wars fans across the country with his Star Tours ride at Disneyland. Hamill recently surprised guests of the Star Tours ride with an appearance in November of 2017. Hamill, the original Luke Skywalker actor, left lots of smiles on the faces of true die-hard fans with a cameo. Hamill is known for more than just being Luke Skywalker. He also received critical acclaim for his role as the voice of the Joker in the Batman franchise. This led to other legendary voice acting roles after the Joker, including gigs as the voice of The Hobgoblin in the Spider-Man animated series and as Trickster in the DC comics series Justice League. Hamill constantly shares images, news, and jokes with his fans on Instagram and Twitter.

Marilou York Was a Dental Hygienist When She Met the Star Wars Actor

Marilou York was working as a dental hygienist when she met her famous husband Mark Hamill. Although York as a graduate of Parkland College was working and had her own life, she quickly settled in as a devoted wife to Hamill. York and Hamill have been inseparable since.

York is Also a Co-Producer

Marilou York is more than just a stay at home mother to her and Hamill’s three children. In 2004 York co-produced “Comic Cook: The Movie”, a straight to video film about the relationship between Hollywood and the comic book culture. Mark Hamill directed this film, and York led her eye and talent to the film as well.

Most Importantly, York is All About Her Family

York is a devoted mother to her three children and wife to her husband Mark Hamill. York and Hamill’s oldest child is a son, Nathan Hamill who was born while the couple’s marriage was still young and while they were still young in age. About four years after his birth York and Hamill welcomed a second son that they named Griffin. Finally, in 1988 York and Hamill welcomed a daughter, Chelsea. Nathan Hamill, who also made York and Hamill grandparents with the birth of his daughter Autumn, also made a cameo in “Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace”. Nathan’s birthday is June 25th. York and Hamill’s other children all seem to have spring or summer birthdays as well. Griffin’s birthday is March 4th and York gave birth to their only daughter Chelsea on July 27th. Chelsea Hamill also worked as a miscellaneous crew member in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Hamill children are very close to their parents by all social media accounts. Both York and Hamill are constantly seen in several photos with their loving children. Within all of these images are the faces of happiness, joy and contentment.

Marilou York Makes Us Believe in Love

Marilou York has it all. Not only does York have a beautiful family and a devoted husband with a great sense of humor, she also has the honor of saying she is the original, one and only true love of the legendary Luke Skywalker. York and Hamill have created and kept the dream of all young couples as they start their lives together alive and they have done so with an impeccable family image. We wish them all the success and happiness that their hearts and hands can hold.