Maria Menounos Wiki: Age, Net worth, Movie, WWE & Facts To Know

Maria Menounos is an actress who has appeared in several movies, and gathered her net worth from TV appearances, acting, and wrestling.

Maria Menounos – the entertainer

It is right to say Maria Menounos is a jack of all trades, or should I use Jackie? Nevertheless, it seems you can find Menounos anywhere in the media. Menounos is not only an actress but also a journalist, television host and a professional wrestler signed with WWE where she fights occasionally. Moreover, Menounos is also an ambassador for WWE. Most known Menounos appearances on TV are Today, Extra and Access Hollywood. Maria Menounos is the co-founder and the sitting CEO of AfterBuzz TV. Maybe you know all this, but you don’t know about her early days. Born in Medford in Massachusetts in 1978, Menounos belongs to a Greek family. Menounos father is known as Costa Menounos while her mother is called Litsa Menounos. Menounos was brought up from a humble beginning. Both of her parents worked as janitors in nightclubs. But it didn’t prevent them from being one happy family. She also has a smaller brother called Peter Menounos. Unlike in some families, Menounos was close with her brother. Menounos studied at Medford High School and then started competing for beauty pageants. One year later, she was crowned Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. She then attended Emerson College in Boston where she graduated in 2000. It was during her time in Emerson that she first worked as a reporter. She now aged 39.

Menounos stars in the 2005 movie, Fantastic Four

Maria Menounos stars in the 2005 movie, “Fantastic Four.” The comic movie was directed by Tim Story, and it’s based on a Marvel Comics team with the same title. The sequel to the movie was released two years later titled “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.” The movie tells about a physicist called Red Richards who is convinced that evolution was as a result of clouds with cosmic energy that happened millions of years ago. He and his friend astronaut Ben Grimm decide to get down to it. Menounos plays Sexy Nurse. Even though it was a minor role, it opened up other opportunities for the multi-talented Menounos who then landed other roles. “Fantastic Four” was a commercial success even though it received more negative reviews citing bland storytelling, and subpar acting. Regardless of its reviews, Meneounos’s net worth was growing.

Maria Menounos and her show

Menounos had her own show titled “Chasing Maria Menounos.” The show debuted in 2014 and was aired on Oxygen. “Chasing Maria Menounos” follows the lives of Maria Menounos and her boyfriend, Keven. Menounos and Keven have been spending their lives together unmarried. Both of them are living in Menounos’s home. Apart from their parents, Menounos also lives with Keven’s friend Joe Gear. The show also chronicles her entertainment career as well as matters connected to her family. Menounos’s parents are insisting that she should get married and bear them some grandchildren. Menounos’s parents also ask that she should manage her company AfterBuzz TV with her boyfriend after they get married.

Maria’s tenure in WWE

Menounos first appeared on WWE in 2009 as a guest host alongside Nancy O’Dell. That same night, she became a wrestler and joined a diva tag team defeating their opponents. Menounos beat some of the most known divas in WWE including The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki as well as The Divas of Doom which comprises of Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Menounos was then seen in 2014 in the backstage with Stephanie McMahon where she challenged Stephanie for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Shortly after, Menounos was nominated by Vince Mc Mahon, the chairman of WWE for the first place. Being a TV personality, Menounos also hosted red carpet pre-show for the WWE Hall of Fame from early 2014 and to late 2015. Working in WWE guaranteed her net worth growth.

She had brain tumor

Maria Menounos recently talked about her condition where she also revealed that her mother had been suffering from stage 4 brain cancer. Menounos began noticing some trouble with her body and when she was tested, it dawned on her that just like her mother; Menounos had a health crisis of her own. Menounos stated that she was getting lightheaded and experiencing headaches. She also added that her speech was getting slurry and it was becoming difficult for her to read a teleprompter. She was diagnosed with brain tumor. Menounos recalled a time when she almost told her cancer ailing mom that she wouldn’t be able to spend time with her, but then she realized that she had to spend time with her. Being a TV host, she decided to minimize her presence online and began using a light phone with only 10 saved numbers. The phone didn’t have internet or email capabilities.

She got married on New Year’s eve

Menounos had been dating Keven Undergaro for 19 years before they got engaged in March 2016. On December 31, 2017, their wedding was held in the middle of Times Square. Steve Harvey officiated the ceremony and the event was live on Fox’s New Year’s Eve special. Menounos husband had posted on Twitter notifying their fans about their wedding that was supposed to happen three hours later. For Harvey, he was joking that he was ordained to officiate a wedding ceremony, 48 hours before the event.

Menounos’s net worth

Menounos has a net worth of $7 million. Most of her net worth is gathered from her TV appearances, movies, and WWE ring performances. Her husband Keven has a net worth of $10 million and he is a producer and a director.

Menounos jumped into the New Year with a unique style. She is one of the Hollywood stars with working relationships. Her fans hope that 2018 will be her year and she will make an appearance on WWE once again. Who knows? Maybe she will appear in the next top box-office movie.