Maquel From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Maquel Cooper, who was a contestant on The Bachelor TV show. Below are facts about her, including her net worth.

Who is Maquel from The Bachelor?

“The Bachelor” brings women from all over America on to the TV show. They are even taken around the world if they last long on the show. One of the contestants on “The Bachelor” was Maquel Cooper. When ABC interviewed her before the season premiered, Maquel, aged 23, told ABC that the most romantic international city was Paris and coincidentally, the TV show was planning to make a stop at the city. All that Maquel needed to be in Paris was just to impress the audience and Arie to get more roses. So, who is this Maquel? She is from American Fork, Utah and she is a professional photographer., the career that has earned her a net worth and also allowed her to travel around the world. When Maquel was asked the most outrageous thing she has ever done, she answered it was joining “The Bachelor.” It’s evident that the TV show is out of Maquel’s comfort zone, but it has some romance-filled trips that she would have liked.

She left the TV show after receiving some terrible news

Maquel pulled up to “The Bachelor” mansion in a race car, a very memorable way of showing Arie that she loved his motor racing career. Maquel even showed her inner badass at the wrestling date where she gave Bekah, aged 22, the punishment of her life. However, before she left, she never had a one-on-one date with Arie. Maquel did not leave the TV show because she didn’t receive a rose. The reason was, she received a phone call from home with some terrible news. While Arie and others were on a trip to Lake Tahoe, Maquel received a call from her mom, who informed her that her grandfather had passed on. Maquel was shocked by the news stating that her grandfather was not sick at all and she also stated that they were close. She wasn’t the first contestant to leave the “The TV show” unexpectedly. There was Lisa from Mesnick’s season who left because her grandmother got ill, Ali form Pavelka’s season who had her work commitments and many other from “The Bachelorette.” The elephant in the room concerning the contestant is…will Maquel make a comeback to the TV show? Unfortunately, it might not be the case. None of the contestants has ever returned after leaving the show for their personal reasons. However, Maquel might be given another chance in another show from The Bachelor Nation, but the fact that she said that that the most outrageous thing she had ever done was join “The Bachelor” might reduce her chances. Right now, producers are casting for the next “Bachelor in Paradise,” season and probably Maquel will be there.

She apologized after she was called a racist

The photographer, who uploads much of her photos on Instagram and Facebook has a Twitter page for her profession. One of her photos though didn’t go well with some fans. Some people perceived the phot to be racially insensitive. It all began when a Reddit user posted throwback photo from Maquel’s Instagram. In the photo, she posed with two friends with mustaches and brown makeup. One of the captions was #mexicans. The Mexicans, of course, didn’t take it lightly and thought it was a racial post. Fans were wondering how the producers didn’t notice that before casting her on the TV show. Others said that Maquel didn’t care about mocking the Mexican people. Maquel apologized in a statement stating that five years back, she had made a costume choice that she regrets. She added that it happened at a time she wasn’t informed and enlightened and sent her apologies to anyone who felt offended by her choices. Maquel also took the full responsibility for her mistake and pulled down the post.

Facts about Maquel

She markets her work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

As mentioned above, Maquel is a professional photographer who makes her living and built a considerable net worth from taking gorgeous shots. She has social media pages dedicated to her work so that everyone can see. Maquel takes wedding, engagement and pregnancy photos and posts them on her pages.

She is friends with Witney Carson

Maquel and Witney met in high school and have been friends since then. Whitney Carson, for those who don’t know her, she is from “Dancing with the Stars.” Maquel is actually the one who took the photos during the pro dancer’s engagement.

She’s been married before

Maquel got married to her ex-husband Josh Monday back in May 2016 only to split five months later. Josh probably loved Maquel so much. In the premiere of “The Bachelor,” he revealed in an interview with InTouch that he wanted to Maquel back and regretted letting her. They met in high school, and Josh felt like marrying early led to their split up.

Maquel is super religious

Maquel is Mormon and very religious. She posts inspirations on her Twitter and Facebook and posts inspirational memes on her Instagram to let people know about God her savior.

She adores her family

Maquel leaving the show due to her grandpa’s death is proof enough that she loves her family. Maquel has a sister called Heather, and she is also an aunt.

Maquel’s net worth

Just like most contestants of the TV show, Maquel’s net worth is not clear. But the fact that she has been able to support herself is proof enough that she has a decent net worth to take care of her needs.

Maquel might have left the show because a close relative passed on, but we might be able to see her again if she gets cast in one of their shows. You can however, catch up with her on Instagram.