Linda Perry Wiki: Everything To Know About Sara Gilbert’s Husband

Get to know more about Linda Perry, the husband of Sara Gilbert. Below are facts to know about her and also her net worth.

Linda Perry: Singer-songwriter and Sara Gilbert’s husband

We can’t get enough of Sara Gilbert and we love her to the moon and back. Our love is a fan-celebrity kind of love. On the matters of the real love, love that grows a family, Sara Gilbert has a husband known as Linda Perry. Both of them have been showing the love they share with the world, and it’s sure they love being together. While Gilbert is making a name in Hollywood, Perry is making hers in the music industry which she has been in for so many years. Linda is a singer-songwriter and record producer and she has worked with some famous singers such as Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Adele, and Courtney Love. 52-year-old Linda Perry was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and she grew up in a musical household. Gilbert’s husband displayed her musical talent and interest in the vice from an early age. The actress struggled with kidney disease and drug addiction, but she never gave up on music. Perry’s mother, Marluce Martins Perry is Brazilian and her father is Portuguese known as Alfred Xavier Perry. The singer-songwriter moved to San Francisco when he was 21 back in 1986. Perry lived in San Diego and she had an interest in music. She would play guitar and audition for all girl bands. Her time in San Francisco opened opportunities for her music career, but it’s after waiting tables, working coat-check and also being employed at a pizzeria. In San Francisco, Gilbert’s husband lived in a small, windowless room and whenever she was free, Perry would play her guitar and sing her own songs on the streets of the city. Soon later, people began to recognize her as the chick with an amazing voice. She is very active on Facebook and Instagram like most stars. Linda Perry is known for “Fill Me Up”, “Knock Me Out”, “Life in a Bottle”, “In Flight”, and “After Hours.”

Perry proud of Sara Gilbert’s come back

Sara Gilbert just brought back “Roseanne,” and the fans aren’t the only ones who are excited. Her husband, Linda Perry is happy as well and she didn’t resist from showing her excitement. Perry boasts a Hall-of-Fame career which has gone for over three decades and she noted that her wife, Sara Gilbert had forged her own path which included the long-awaited and highly-anticipated reboot of ABC’s “Roseanne.” She said that Gilbert was a great actress, super funny and dark. Gilbert plays the daughter of Roseanne Barr and John Goodman on the TV show and he is also a host of a talk show, “Talk” which won an Emmy. However, she wanted to go back to a scripted show and so, Gilbert went and called everybody and got all the cast together. Perry went on to say that Sara got everyone back tighter and got the TV show back on because she was determined. It was announced at the ABC before last year that the show would come back on air after being off for two decades. Perry said that what impressed her more than anything was the fact that his wife would not have to wait for someone to hire her. Gilbert just created her own job and her work. Now, Gilbert, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are back to the show’s return which captivated audiences from 1988 to 19997. Gilbert had the role of Barr and Godman’s on the TV series. Perry was speaking to ABC News as she was addressing a short-documentary film that featured her as well as her new label and one of her young artists.

Facts to know about Sara Gilbert’s husband

She’s the voice behind a classic rock ballad

Linda Perry was the lead singer in the 4 Non-Blondes, in the 90s and her booming soulful voice was featured in one of their biggest hits which is still popular at the moment. The song is known as “What’s Up?” whose “what’s going on?” became an instant classic and was loved by many.

Perry is behind some hits

Yes! There are some hits from renown artists that have enjoyed massive airplay and Perry contributed to them in different ways. The singer-songwriter has composed and produced songs for some big female artists like Gwen Stefani, Kelly Osbourne, Courtney Love, and many others. Some of those songs are “Beautiful”, “Get the Party Started”, and “What You Waiting For.”

She is the one who discovered James Blunt

Perry had started two record labels and signed James Blunt. Hopefully, you remember the song “You’re Beautiful?” The singer of that song is Blunt and he got signed to Custard Records and the album was distributed by Atlantic Records. The album actually sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

Linda Perry is was nominated for a Grammy

In 2004, Perry was nominated for a Grammy for Song of The Year for “Beautiful” which was performed by Christina Aguilera. She lost to Richard Marx who helped Luther Vandross make “Dance with My Father.”

Linda Perry’s net worth

Perry has a net worth $18 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She has made a net worth from “Fill Me Up”, “Knock Me Out”, “Life in a Bottle”, “In Flight”, and “After Hours.”

Linda Perry makes Sara Gilbert happy, and that’s all that matters. She’s a supportive husband and had held on their marriage. You can follow Perry on Instagram and Facebook.