LilyPichu: Knowing More About A Woman Of Many Talents

Wanna be a content creator? Here are tips from LilyPichu.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is YouTube for gamers introduced in 2011. Even non-gamers would have heard of Twitch. Its growing popularity has sprung off multiple tournaments and trivials with celebrities and online personalities that have caught the attention of the public.
The platform offers a fast-streaming service for thousands of users to watch a gamer/streamer live stream their video game playthrough. It was created specifically to serve the gaming industry. Streamers are able to gain their following and make a living through donations on live streams, sponsors, joining tournaments, etc.
Several popular content creators on Twitch include Ninja, Tfue, Shroud, and Myth. They all gained popularity from the streaming of different video games. Most streams have their breakout success from their talents in crushing video games and offering a satisfactory feeling for those watching.
There are many different types of streamers. Some do speedrunning, where they play the same game thousands of times to get the world record in speed. Some do variety where they play different games of different genres. Some would even do non-gaming related streams like art and music, where they showcase their other talents like painting and playing instruments.
Twitch is a giant platform for people from everyday life to go and shine. They can grow their following by letting the world know their talent.

Who is LilyPichu?

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With 1.5 million subscribers on Twitch, LilyPichu is one of the more popular streamers taking over the platform with her regular schedules and variety. She is often streaming and playing with her friends.
Lilypichu’s real name is Lily Ki. Born on November 20, 1991, the 28-year-old streamer began her career in 2006 with her YouTube channel and has remained active since. In her channel, she started by posting animated videos detailing her life and her story. She took inspirations from other animation channels at the time and took the effort to learn their work and make her own style.
Lily has recounted multiple times of her difficult upbringing and how it inspired her to turn to the online world for comfort and to express her creativity. Being born into a Korean-American household, she moved around a lot when she was young and experienced bullying at school. Even the relationship with her parents was tense. Her parents often demanded high grades from her that she couldn’t deliver. The online world became an outlet for her feelings and emotions.
She started gaining traction with her animated videos on different topics over the years before moving on to Twitch. There, she gained popularity from her musical talents and her artwork, among her video streaming of games play-throughs.
A lot of people know Lily for her relationship with her fellow online personality Albert Chang in 2017. The two broke up in 2019 after Chang cheated on her. The two were in Offline TV together, a company founded by several content creators like Disguised Toast and Scarra. Shortly after the scandal, Chang left Offline TV.
Currently, Lily is dating another content creator Michael Reeves. Another fun fact is that Lily resides in the same house as her fellow streamer Sykkuno. The two often appear playing games together.

What Is LilyPichu Mostly Known For In The Content-Making Industry?


Her many different talents. She is a great gamer with many hats. Her musical talents and her artwork are what she is mostly known for. These days, she is also widely known for her involvement in playing the trending game Among Us. The game was developed in 2018 and developers never expected the game to suddenly blow up in 2020.
Famous YouTuber Disguised Toast, also a member of Offline TV, is often playing Among Us with Lilypichu. The deception game has captured many fans and people are loving the interactions among the members of the crew.
Lilypichu is also known for her Toad impression, among other of her voice acting works. She has an incredibly soft voice that resembles an anime character. Her voice is one of the best features of her content. She is able to add the touch to her anime with her high-pitch voice. However, her boyfriend Revees has remarked that Lilypichu’s Toad impression was not his favorite. Despite that, it doesn’t deter loyal fans from wanting to hear more of Lilypichu’s voice acting works!

How Did LilyPichu Gain Traction? What Are Some Of The Many Great Talents Of LilyPichu?


Lilypichu first started gaining traction with her animation. Her lively and beautiful animated videos gained traction on YouTube and began circulating within her niche. In her videos, she often poured her heart out with her life and feelings, detailing different things that happened to her.
After she starting gaining traction, she began showing her other talents on screens, such as her musical talent and her gaming skills. She is a great gamer, crushing games of different genres. She has a huge fanbase due to the many talents she has and how well she caters to her fans.
These days, Lilypichu tends to guard her personal life by not sharing too much on screens. Fans don’t get to take a glimpse into her life but are respectful of the streamer’s privacy. These days, she does a lot of streaming of video games and drawing art on her streams.
As the years went by, Lilypichu focuses more on gaming with her friends as she feels comfortable around them. Her flatmate Sykkuno is also a popular streamer. They are dubbed the “dream team” on Among Us and they are now one of the most popular groups on Twitch.

What Does LilyPichu Aim To Achieve In The Content-Making Industry?


Lilypichu has always remarked how she has found her place to be on Twitch. She struggled with self-esteem issues when she was younger and being able to find her world online means a great deal for her. Due to her bullying and constantly moving locations, she changed schools often and never had many stable and close friends.
She has shared how it can be difficult for her to be around people. Being online and making friends bring back a great deal of joy and she has found herself in the online world with friends that she had never met in real life. She wants to continue to be herself while inspiring others that there is an online world for those too shy to feel confident in real life.
Content creation is her passion and she just wants to follow what she enjoys doing and create entertaining content for her viewers.

What Does LilyPichu Have To Say To Aspiring Content Creators?


Always be yourself and be loyal to your friends is one motto Lilypichu has lived through. When her fellow Twitch stream Pokimane was under fire earlier this year for her hypocrisy and being accused of lying to her male fans to get huge donations, Lilypichu did not hesitate to jump on Twitter to defend her friend, even though she was called out for “defending a bully”. Lilypichu never backed out from the criticism and continued to back up her friend Pokimane.
She shares with her fans that when you are an online personality, you will get haters. Your haters don’t define you or the success you have made. She has shown fans how she will always be herself and is not afraid of dealing with criticism and haters, which she believes is important. You can’t avoid getting criticism because you can’t please everyone. You just have to not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.
On her streams, she often says it’s so important to do what you love. For her, her online world gave her a sense of belonging. She loves what she does and has found joy in it. Do something that makes you happy and you genuinely are interested in. If you do something for money, eventually you will feel lost because there’s no real interest in it.
She encourages aspiring content creator to simply get out there and don’t wait for 4 years before posting your first content as she did. It’s only through trial-and-error that you will know what works and what doesn’t.

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Lilypichu’s growing fame and popularity are attracting more eyes to this talented streamer. She makes content she believes is good for her audience and will not hesitate to stand up for what she believes in, even with backlash or criticism. She shows her fans how she transformed from a high schooler with low self-esteem to someone proud of their work. In the future, LIlypichu will continue to make regular content for her fans to entertain people and let others know her many skills!

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