Lauren G From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Lauren G., who was eliminated from the TV show The Bachelor. Here are facts about her, including her net worth.

Who is Lauren G. from The Bachelor?

For those who love to watch “The Bachelor”, you were probably a Lauren G. fan before she was eliminated in the second week. Brace yourself because there is some good news coming your way. There were four Laurens on the TV show that we thought it’s a Lauren who will get the last rose. One Lauren is remaining. The rest, including Lauren G. were sent packing, but for Lauren G. it wasn’t the end of the road as she was picked for another upcoming show. So, you will see those sexy dimples she has for another time. Lauren G. is private when it comes to her social media. You can’t find her photos on Instagram if you search by her full name and she isn’t so active on Facebook, but she frequently posts on her Twitter. Lauren G., who full names are Lauren Griffin, is at the age of 26. She comes from Indianapolis, and she works as an executive recruiter, a professional that has helped her gather quite an impressive net worth. Currently, Lauren G. is living in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from Indiana University and according to her those four years in college were her best in life. Lauren G. seemed like a down to earth person and Arie failed to note that. Many guys like women who aren’t so full of themselves. Humble is the name of the game, but maybe Arie loves the wild ones. Lauren G. doesn’t believe in fairytale romances but fate. She said that if something is meant to be, then it will surely be. Unfortunately, it turned out that she wasn’t meant to be with Arie. One Lauren is remaining though, and all Laurens are hoping she will get the last rose and marry Arie. It’s going to be hard for her as she is facing stiff competition from Kendall, Tia, and Becca. Tia is the TV shows favorite, and it seems that the producers are pushing her. Kendall, on the other hand, has a hobby and a personality that is pretty interesting. Lauren B. stands out all the rest because she keeps it low.

She will be joining another TV show

Some of “The Bachelor” fans might have been disappointed after they saw Lauren G. and another contestant, Bibiana go home. But that wasn’t the last time you will see their faces. The two will be another TV show, “The Bachelor Winter Games” which will start airing on February as confirmed on the TV show’s Twitter. Lauren G. and Bibiana will be with some of the former contestants from all “The Bachelor” seasons. The cast of the Olympic-inspired show may turn to be exciting, but the fact that Lauren G. and Bibiana will be part of it considering that the audience didn’t have enough of them in “The Bachelor.” But the show was very unfair to Bibiana, especially Arie himself. Arie eliminated her, yet she had tried everything to win a date with him but not succeeded. She even set up a couch telescope near the driveway, probably the most romantic gesture ever. But Lauren B. stole her opportunity, and when she tried to break the spot, Arie asked her for five minutes with Lauren. It’s probably because of that the TV show considered putting her in another show of their own. Lauren G. didn’t make such a big impact on the TV show as Bibiana did. She didn’t have that much opportunity with Arie. Arie was likely busy with the other Lauren. Judging by how the show is going, Arie doesn’t want to date an African American woman. Let’s get it right here! Seinne who is at the age of 27 and Ashely, aged 25 will most likely lose this. Arie is not a racist, but it’s just personal standards. It’s like a donkey stating it will date a fellow donkey and not a zebra. At least you know what to expect. You better watch out for Tia, Becca, and Lauren B.

Facts about Lauren G.

She fed Arie a piece of pineapple

Lauren G. and Arie were at “The Bachelor” mansion romantic candle room where she fed him a slice of pineapple and told him that the pineapple would be her safe word.

She adores Oprah

If Lauren G. could be someone else for one day, she would want to be Oprah because she wonders how Oprah became so successful. Well, if Oprah watches “The Bachelor,” she should probably call her up!

She doesn’t like doing grocery shopping

Lauren G. doesn’t like going grocery shopping because she finds it a bit stressing. There are so many options, and she ends up confused. One wonders, will her partner be the one going to get some groceries?

Her bucket list

Lauren G. would want to go to Egypt and see the pyramids. She said that was top of her bucket list but didn’t mention the others.

Her favorite TV show

Lauren G. said that her favorite TV show was “This is Us” and she likes watching movies and TV shows that have heart.

Her net worth

Just like most contestants, Lauren G.’s net worth is not known. However, it’s not like she doesn’t get paid where she works. Lauren G., of course, has a made a net worth from her profession. Arie has a net worth of $5 million.

It wasn’t the end of Lauren G. after she left the TV show. Even if she wouldn’t have got a chance at “The Bachelor Winter Games,” she would have still made it in life. Check out her photos on Instagram and Facebook to see her cute dimples.