Laura Unkrich Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Lee Unkrich’s Wife

Get to know more about Lee Unkrich’s wife, Laura Unkrich. She prefers to be behind the spotlight. Below are facts about her.

Laura Unkrich: Lee Unkrich’s wife

You must be knowing Lee Unkrich, the director of the award-winning animation that scooped the Golden Globe Award in its category, “Coco”. Unkrich’s wife’s name is Laura Unkrich. Not much about her is out in the public, but we can just assume that she has been an excellent wife to her husband, Unkrich. They have been married for a long while and already have three children – Hannah, Alice and the last born, Max. It seems Unkrich’s relationship with his wife Laura Unkrich is going strong! But what does she do? Well, Laura is a stay-at-home mom who stays away from the spotlight and manages the Unkrichs by taking care of the kids, taking them to school, making their meals and of course being supportive of her husband on his work and behind the bedroom door. They sometimes go on vacation to enjoy themselves, and Unkrich always has his wife’s thought in his mind. There was a time Unkrich was being roasted by some people on Twitter because of the film “Coco.” As Unkrich tried to defend his intentions, his wife, Laura Unkrich stood with him. What else would Lee Unkrich ask for?

Directing Coco

“Coco” was a great movie needless to say and it was viewed by adults and kids alike. There are moments of laughter in the movie, times when you feel like you can dance to the Mexican music, and a moment when it’s so emotional that you can cry. In fact, Lee Unkrich himself has cried from watching a scene on his own movie. Some people believe that fictional films wouldn’t make them cry and only tend to be emotional only the film is based on real events. But if a good director takes on the role, don’t think you will watch the entire movie without breaking a tear of it was his intention. The concept of the movie is based on “Day of the Dead,” a Mexican Holiday and it tells the story of a 12-year-old boy better known as Miguel Rivera who accidentally finds himself on the land of the dead. He finds his ancestors there and seeks the help of his deceased musician great-great-grandfather to take him back home to the land of the living where his family was. Apart from being the director of the film, Lee Unkrich was the editor and the storyteller of the movie. It wouldn’t be as great if he didn’t have the support of his wife.

Facts about Unkrich’s wife

She has a coach to sit on in Unkrich’s office

Unkrich has a home office where she conducts her business. Back in the days, people thought that a home office was the headquarters of a company. Those days, the idea of working at home had some stigma except for some jobs like freelance writing, but nowadays it’s like fashion. Mr. Unkrich wanted a home office and he hired Mark Dutka to design it. One of the touches done on the office was pitting a couch where his wife, Laura Unkrich would sit and read whenever he is busy.

Laura Unkrich loves going on vacation

After a long while playing her role as the home manager, Mrs. Unkrich takes advantage of her husband’s off to go on vacations with their three kids and her husband, Unkrich. One of the destinations they have gone to is Hale Ho’omalu which is in Hawaii. The name translates to ‘a place of refuge.’ Laura Unkrich discovered the place when vacationing on Kauai in 2006. Unkrich’s family wanted to change the taste since they had traveled around Hawaii and felt the park was very different. So what happened when they fell in love with the place? Can’t you guess?

They own Ho’omalu

Yes, they bought it and made it a place worth visiting. It’s now a world-class resort. Unkrichs call it their vacation home. The resort has a lush and idyllic vision of the Hawaiian jungle that you would want to see with your own eyes. Before you even get to Unkrich’s residence, foxtail palm trees and a stone Buddha welcome you. The next thing you notice is a partially hidden garden water. Among the amenities of the property is a decadent pool pavilion with two twin tikis stand around. You could be the Unkrich’s next visitor.

Her husband admitted that Coco made him cry

The most emotional part of the movie, if you have watched the part after Miguel discovers that Hector Rivera was his actual great-great-grandfather and not who he thought, Ernesto de la Cruz. Rivera is about to die for the second time because his daughter, the old Coco stuck on the wheelchair on the land of the living, is not remembering him. At last, when Miguel comes back home and tries to convince her great-grandmother Coco to remember her papa to save him, and even reminds her the song her father used to sing for her, it becomes so emotional. The director himself, Lee Unkrich broke a tear and maybe his family too. In fact, Unkrich mentioned that he was aware that many kids cried at that point.

She and her husband collectively are worth $2.5 million

As a longtime member of Pixar, a creative team, Unkrich has managed to immerse a net worth of $2.5 million. It’s a good amount. The good thing is they even have investments.

Laura Unkrich doesn’t know how her life would be if she weren’t with Lee, but truth be told, she is probably saying, wherever she is, that’s what she would choose in her afterlife, being Unkrich’s wife.