Laura Dahlmeier Wiki: Biathlete, Net Worth, Winter Olympic & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Laura Dahlmeier, a German biathlete who won three medals in the recent winter games. below is also her net worth details.

Who is Laura Dahlmeier?

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games were concluded on February 25, and Norway scooped the most medals in the event emerging out with 39 of them. The second country on the list was Germany which scooped 31 and 14 of them were gold medals. Among the 14 gold medals, two were from the biathlete, Laura Dahlmeier. Dalmeier carried the day and dominated the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea by winning one bronze and two golden ones, beating some popular biathletes who had dominated the games before. The biathlete has numerous achievements and several medals to his name. However, only little about Dahlmeier is known. The 24-year-old Laura Dahlmeier was born in in 1993 in Germany. As a biathlete, Dalmeier made a debut in the world cup in 2012/13 season. She then participated in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. By 2017 she had been a champion seven times and with several gold medals to her name. In 2018, Dahlmeier was the first woman to win a gold medal in biathlon sprint and pursuit in 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The biathlete is blessed with unique stamina. Dahlmeier became interested in biathlon when he was just seven but started competing after two years. Her first interest was in alpine ski racing. Dahlmeier scored some wins when she was a teenager especially at the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in Liberec in 2011 and won gold in all three races in 2011. That same year, she completed her high school studies and joined the national customs service club where she could work as well as focus on her career as a biathlete. Her hobbies include mountain climbing, biking and going to the cinema. Dahlmeier revealed that she likes to go into the woods, take a deep breath before preparing for a competition.

Perhaps you don’t know what biathlon is…

Biathlon is defined as a Nordic skiing event that comprises of rifle shooting and cross-country skiing. It consists of six different events namely, sprint, individual, pursuit, mixed relay, women’s or men’s relay and the mass start race. That’s what Dahlmeier has practiced for years since she was exposed to the sport by a friend of her parents. The friend happened to be the supervisor of biathlon program in a town nearby. Germany is one of the countries that appreciate its athletes. In 2017, Dahlmeier was named the Ski Sportsperson of the Year by other German athletes in an award ceremony organized by DSV, the Germany Ski Association. That was the third time the biathlete was getting the award. In the same year, she was presented with a Golden Ski award by the same DSV in three consecutive years. Apart from sporting, Dahlmeier works as a custom staff sergeant under the Australian Federal Armed Forces. She’s lucky to have two net worth generating professions.

Facts to know about the biathlete

She gave Germany its first gold

The country had waited to win a gold medal in the 218 Winter Olympics for a long while and their hope was running out until Laura Dahlmeier won a gold medal. She scooped the medal after defeating her fellow biathletes. Coming second was Norway’s Marte Olsbu while Czech Republic’s Veronika Vitkova comfortably took the third place. It was the first Olympic medal Dahlmeier had won and she dedicated it to part of her faultless shooting. To become the winner, she had made a gap of more than 24 seconds between her and Olsbu, who narrowly managed to edge Vutkova to win the silver medal. Germany celebrated her win and she has been a national figure since she started competing around the world.

She is down to earth and loves nature

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Dahlmeier is a real star. She has over 65 thousand followers on Instagram and her Facebook page has over 167 thousand followers. The biathlete has over 40k followers on Twitter and she is genuine with her fans that they can almost feel her physically or in the next room. However, Dahlmeier doesn’t reveal much about herself and her private life. No one knows if she is dating or not and she frequently posts her photos. Dahlmeier also loves nature and she loves to share inspiring photos of the landscapes she has seen. Sometimes, she reveals a little bit of her private life, especially what she loves to eat. She also shares some of her predicaments online for example, when she sustained a bone injury when she was climbing Bavarian Alps and even got arrested in the Caucasus Mountains.

She won two gold medals at the Olympics

Just after winning Germany the first gold medal in the 10km pursuit, she won another medal by winning another similar pursuit by 29.4 seconds. She finished in in 30 minutes and missed one of her four shooting bouts. She became not only the first biathlete to win two gold medals at the Pyeongchang Games but also the first athlete to do so.

Her net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Laura Dahlmeier has a net worth of $6 million, and she has made her net worth from her $1 million annual salaries from sporting.

Dahlmeier is simply going far and by the time she will be retiring, she will be a legend just like Usain Bolt. She is the pride of Germany, and whenever she has an injury, the country serves her with the best medical team.