Lana Del Rey Wiki: Net Worth & Facts About ‘Lust for Life’ Singer

Lana Del Rey is a popular singer and model. Here are interesting facts about the New York-born star that will blow your mind, including her net worth.

The awesome singer, Lana Del Rey

If you love pop and rock music, then you must know Lana Del Rey. Her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. Rey is not only a singer but also a songwriter, record producer and a successful model. Rey’s music stands out against the rest with its cinematic quality. Her videos are also themed with glamour, tragic romance, and melancholia, making them almost similar to 1950s and 1960s Americana. The 32-year-old singer was born in New York City. Rey’s father Robert Grant worked as a copywriter for Grey Group before he became an entrepreneur. Her mother Patricia Ann is currently a high school teacher. Rey has two siblings; brother Charlie and a sister known as Caroline.

She grew up as a Roman Catholic

Rey was raised up in Lake Placid, New York as a Roman Catholic and even attended a Catholic elementary school. She also studied for one year in the school that her mother taught. Rey was young when she started singing. She used to be in the church choir as a cantor. When she was 15, the singer was sent to Kent School to overcome a budding drinking problem. After she was done with high school, Rey was invited to join the State University of New York located in Geneseo. However, Rey didn’t report to the university straight away but instead went to live with her aunt in Long Island where she was working as a waitress. Her uncle taught her how to play guitar and like they say, the rest can be considered to be history.

Interesting facts about Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey wasn’t her first stage name

You know her by her stage name Lana Del Rey because it’s the name she had when she became famous, but do you know she had several stage names before she made it through? Yes, she did. Rey was first known as Lizzy Grant. Before she picked another stage name, Sparkle Jump Rope Queen before dropping it for May Jailer. Rey settled for her current name after she went to Miami alongside her sister. Rey stated that she wanted an exotic name that would remind her of the seaside on the coast of Florida.

She and Lady Gaga had the same beginning

Just like Lady Gaga, Rey wanted to make it in New York’s music scene, not even in the whole US. Rey told Rolling Stone in an interview that Lady Gaga’s manager, Bob Leone, gave her a two-month scholarship to study songwriting and even placed her on Monday night lineups in the Cutting Room. Rey played some shows on the same stage as Lady Gaga, but they never met. There was an instance when Rey was accused of throwing jabs at Gaga with her lyric “Stephanie you suck.”

She holds a degree in metaphysics

Rey was interested in God, and how technology somehow made people come close to finding their origin and why they were created, so she took a course in metaphysics and philosophy. The singer attended Fordham University and graduated with a degree in, you guessed right, metaphysics.

Rey once lived in a trailer

After graduating from Fordham, she went to perform in New York clubs and bars. She signed a deal with a music label called 5 Points. She then used her advance payment to buy herself a trailer and lived in a New Jersey trailer park. When asked why she did so, she said that’s she thought it was right to curve her won piece in a creative way and didn’t want to be part of the mainstream society.

She records all her interviews

Another fact about the singer is that Rey records all her interviews so that they won’t be used against her. At one time, she was discussing some of the dead music icons like Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain when she said that she wished she was dead already. Rey didn’t expect the reaction she got after that.

The singer’s second album

Lana Del Rey’s second album is titled “Born to Die,” and it was a major commercial success and helped her net worth grow drastically. Some of the songs in the album are “Born to Die” and ‘Summertime Sadness.” The album was received quite some positive reviews from music critics. However, some complained about its repetitiveness. “Summertime Sadness” ranked among the top ten songs in different countries in Europe and the US. What made the song more popular were trap, and house remixes which made it climb higher on the American charts.

She made a song track for a movie

Rey also made a song track for the movie “The Great Gatsby” titled “Young and Beautiful.” The song was released in 2013 and critics described the song as ‘somber’ and ‘haunting.’ Rey is the one who wrote “Young and Beautiful” alongside Rick Nowels and saw her net worth grow a little.

Rey’s studio album number 4

Rey fourth album is called “Honeymoon,” and it was released in 2015. The album was different from her previous album which has guitar-driven instrumentals. The album focuses on bitterness, romance, lust, violence, and escapism. “Honeymoon” received positive reviews from music critics after it was released. It is considered Rey’s best album and better than “Lust for Life.” “Lust for Life” is Rey’s newest album released just last year but also did well on the charts and helped her net worth grow.

She claimed that Radiohead sued her

On tenth this month, it was reported that Lana Del Rey had posted on Twitter that Radiohead filled a lawsuit against her for plagiarizing their song “Creep” with “Get Free.” She stated that her song was inspired by “Creep” but Radiohead want 100% from the song and yet she had offered 40%. However, Radiohead denied that they had done so.

Her net worth

Rey has a net worth of $8 million. She has made her net worth from her album sales, shows and events. Her songs rock the clubs mostly.

It’s a busy year for Lana Del Rey as she has more shows to perform, events to attend and more songs to release for her fans. Rey might release her sixth album this year and all we can do is wait.