Laila Morse Wiki: Net Worth, Age & Facts About Gary Oldman’s Sister

The sister of Gary Oldman, English actress Laila Morse has gone from breast cancer survivor to winning the BAFTA awards and broke barriers to reach the stars.

Maureen Oldman aka Laila Morse: Actress and Sister

Laila Morse was born Maureen Laila Oldman in Dorking, Surrey, England on August 1, 1945. Laila Morse has two children from her marriage with then husband Gerald Bromfield. Laila Morse later married James Bass, but the relationship ended in divorce. Though she played minor roles in local tv shows, Laila Morse’s career did not start until she’d reached the age of 51 in the movie Nil by Mouth. Since then, Laila Morse has gone on to star in many films and tv shows.

Laila Morse defies the limitations stars face as they conquer ageism and stardom.

The Big Break & Gary Oldman

Laila Morse made her big screen debut in a movie called Nil by Mouth, which was written and directed by her brother Gary Oldman. Laila Morse played Janet in Nil by Mouth, and though having no formal acting training was received positively by critics. The film was a winner for her brother Gary Oldman who received acknowledgment among more successful producers as a talent to watch. In 2000, Laila Morse starred in hit film Love Honor and Obey. The movie Love Honor and Obey is about a postman who becomes affiliated with gangsters. In the movie, Laila Morse plays her namesake, Laila. In tv show EastEnders, Laila Morse plays Mo Harris. Laila Morse’s first debut in hit tv show EastEnders was in the year 2000. In an interview, Laila Morse admitted to the fear she felt when the offer to play Mo Harris was presented to her. But Laila Morse went on to succeed in the role. In 1998, Laila Morse was awarded the Most Promising Newcomer from the British Independent Film Awards.

Personal Life, Net Worth, Etc

Laila Morse is a breast cancer survivor, who after one year of being diagnosed, recovered completely from the disease. More recently, Laila Morse faced another health issue with her smoking habit. Laila Morse was a smoker for over 50 years and due to recent heart conditions, had to quit her 40-cigarette-a-day regiment. Laila Morse wrote her autobiography which details her life journey, overcoming obstacles, coming into stardom at a late age, and the difficulties she’s faced in her love life. In 2013, Laila Morse declared bankruptcy; however, Laila Morse has a current net worth of $13M.

Trivia with Laila Morse

I. Laila Morse was 18 when she and ex-husband Gerald welcomed their first-born, and 23 with the second. II. Laila Morse is the 6th actress to have a long career on the TV show EastEnders which spans over 16 years. III. Laila Morse was a van driver prior to her fame. IV. The stage name ‘Laila Morse’ was given to the actress by her brother Gary Oldman. V. ‘Laila Morse” is an anagram of ‘mia sorella’ which means ‘my sister’in Italian.

If up and coming stars can learn anything from Laila Morse’s life, it would be that it’s never too late to start dreaming. Laila Morse beat the odds and became a star in an industry that sets such high caps for success based on age. As more celebrities like Laila Morse reach success, the requirements of stardom may begin to change and allow more talented individuals to realize their dreams and goals.